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is cruise control more or less fuel efficient than regular driving
Dec 01, 2006

Does using cruise control really help you save gas? Tom and Ray settle a bet.

Dear Car Talk

My gentleman friend and I have a steak dinner bet riding on your answer to this question. I say using the cruise control on our highway trips saves gas. It saves gas because I am not bopping between different speeds...

bets cruise control

what the heck are directional tires
Jun 01, 2004

Is there such a thing as directional tires?

Dear Car Talk

A friend of mine took her Saturn to a mechanic as the car was running a bit rough and the road noise was loud He examined the car and told her that the dealership had improperly installed directional tires on...

bets tires

Nov 01, 1999

Which car company advertised the following: "When batter cars are built, 'XYZ' will build them."

Dear Car Talk

I have a small bet with a lady friend about an old advertising slogan I say it was When better cars are built Buick will build them She says it was Ford who will build those better cars I bet...

advertising bets

Mar 01, 1999

The case for filling your new oil filter with oil before installing it.

Dear Car Talk

I was hoping you guys could help settle a bet I have with a know-it-all at work First I should tell you that this guy is an egotistical jerk and he is never wrong according to him I was telling...

bets oil changes filters

Jul 01, 1998

Which way does the coolant run when cooling down the engine?

Dear Car Talk

I need some help My roommate and I have a serious bet going on He thinks he knows everything about cars and I DO know everything about cars just kidding He says that the cooling system runs water from the...

bets coolant radiators engines

Dec 01, 1997

When an automatic is stopped at a light, and you take your foot off the brake, should the car move forward on its own?

Dear Car Talk

Guys I know you love solving bets And in this bet you get the added bonus of getting involved in a marital squabble too He says When a car with an automatic transmission is stopped say at a stop light...

bets transmissions

Oct 01, 1997

We heard from a lot of experts about our assertion that a truck's gas mileage would improve with the tailgate down.

Dear Car Talk

I read your recent article in which a reader also named Kathy asked whether a pickup truck gets better gas mileage with the tailgate up or down You guys said down My husband and I made a very large bet...

bets trucks fuel economy science

Jul 01, 1997

Which brother will spend the most on car repairs: the one with the Volvo or with the Vanagon?

Dear Car Talk

My brother and his wife like to snicker at what they perceive to be the high cost of repairs that my wife and I occasionally incur on our vehicles -- an ' Volvo DL sedan and an ' Volvo DL...

bets repairs Volkswagen Vanagon Volvo

Dec 01, 1995

Do bigger wheels make the speedometer read faster or slower?

Dear Car Talk

Does putting bigger wheels on your car make the speedometer read faster or slower I've got a bet on this Jim RAY The speedometer will read slower Jim The speedometer reading is based on how many times the axle turns...

bets wheels speedometers

Aug 01, 1995

What's the best way to warm up a car? Lunch hangs in the balance.

Dear Car Talk

It has recently been brought to my attention that a certain co-worker of mine has depleted his reserve of brain cells You see he is a product of the sixties and you know what that means He is under the...