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Angry badger
Aug 27, 2019

Hear My Mercedes Roar

Dear Car Talk

This car is making loud noises only a mechanic would love.

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what is the loud whining noise my car makes after if goes through a puddle
Mar 21, 2013

Why Is Moon's Mitsubishi Squeaking?

Dear Car Talk

Moon's Mitsubishi Lancer started squeaking when it rains, and now it squeals and whines all the time. Tom and Ray say she has two choices--either she can get it checked out, or she can just wait for the belt to break and fall off. Then she'll be able to enjoy the silence once again! 

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Should you oil a belt
Jul 01, 2011

Today: The squeaky belt does not get the oil.

Dear Car Talk

I have a high-pitched noise coming from the engine of my Chevy Blazer with -plus miles My husband told me it was a belt and he oiled it I'd never heard of that I thought you tightened or replaced belts...


what repairs can fix a belt that slips whenever it rains
May 01, 2011

How can William keep his belt on? (The one on his Chrysler, that is?)

Dear Car Talk

I have a 1998 Chrysler Town and Country Minivan with the six-cylinder engine. Whenever I drive through a puddle, the belt slips off. All of the original undercarriage guards are still present and in factory condition. I have replaced the water...

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is it ok to spray belt dressings on serpentine belts
Jun 01, 2010

Today: Should you dress your car's belts?

Dear Car Talk

Belt dressings? Yes or no? I heard on your radio show this week not to spray belt dressings on serpentine belts. I recently was told TO use belt dressings on my serpentine belt by a mechanic. He said it would...


why does my car shred its serpentine belt
Mar 01, 2003

The downside of serpentine belts.

Dear Car Talk

I have a problem with the belt on my ' six-cylinder Jeep Cherokee It was fine but then the serpentine belt began to shred I replaced it and the new one began to shred too I noticed that the belt...


Nov 01, 2001

Why does my battery light come on and my steering fail after driving through a puddle?

Dear Car Talk

Today I was driving to work in a nasty rainstorm As I was driving over the large puddles of water collecting on the roadway something strange happened The red battery light on my dashboard lit up and I had a...

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Jul 01, 2001

What could be causing this Caddy to go through a new water pump every 12k miles?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Cadillac and my problem is water pumps Including the original pump I have had four pumps on this car since buying it new -- an average of miles per pump The first three pumps were new from...

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Jun 01, 2001

What's causing this Bronco to go through belts every six months?

Dear Car Talk

I am asking -- OK begging -- you to help me figure out why my serpentine belt keeps going bad I have a Ford Bronco with a -liter engine The belts are supposed to last five years but every six...


Mar 01, 2000

Going through a belt every month? Check your harmonic balancer.

Dear Car Talk

My daughter's ' Ford Tempo a four-cylinder with the usual peeling paint is shredding serpentine belts I have installed four new belts in the past six months After installation the belt immediately begins to wander off the water-pump pulley At...

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