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cleaning battery terminals with coca cola
Apr 18, 2013

Perk Up a Dead Battery With . . . Cola?

Dear Car Talk

Martha's car battery died this week and her neighbor suggested that she pour a can of Coke on it to clean off the corrosion. Martha is skeptical. Tom and Ray talk about this and other home remedies for batteries. Find out what works and what doesn't, right here. 


Kia Spectra battery corrosion
Jan 31, 2013

What's Corroding Jen's Battery?

Dear Car Talk

Jen's battery keeps getting corrosion on its terminals, but the battery is only 5 or 6 years old. Can Tom and Ray explalin what's going on?


does listening to the radio when the car is off drain the battery
Nov 23, 2012

Who's to Blame When the Battery Dies?

Dear Car Talk

Sarah's son listens to the radio in the car while the engine is off, but Sarah worries this will drain the battery. Her son says that his friends do this all the time and haven't killed a battery yet. Will Tom and Ray back Sarah up? Or will they endorse the collective wisdom of a group of teenage boys?

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whats a reasonable price for a battery installation
Aug 23, 2012

Did Frank's Wife Pay Too Much?

Dear Car Talk

Frank's wife had the battery repalaced in their 1986 Honda Accord but now Frank worries that the shop ripped her off. Tom and Ray say the shop was definitely honest, but Frank still might have paid too much. Find out why, right here.

batteries garage policies

May 10, 2012

Wiring the World

Jim Motavalli

Meet Idan Ofer, Israel’s wealthiest man, who pushes an ambitious plan to plug in the planet and save us from climate change, starting with switchable battery stations.

batteries electric vehicles

Apr 24, 2012

Battery Breakthroughs

Jim Motavalli

Colorado’s Prieto Battery is poised to change the game for EVs with 400-mile range and fast charging, but it has to prove first that its technology works. Other companies are in the hunt, too.

batteries electric vehicles

Mar 07, 2012

The Big Battery Breakthrough

Jim Motavalli

If Envia Systems’ claims are true, then EV packs will soon cost a fraction of what they do now. And that’s good news the embattled electric car industry needs.

batteries electric vehicles

Feb 03, 2012

Car Saves NPR Station

Staff Blog

A little creative automotive thinking helped WCBE stay on the air this summer after a power failure.

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 Buick LaCrosse drains car battery
Jan 25, 2012

Today: The Buick and the Batteries

Dear Car Talk

Gary's mom's Buick LaCrosse is suddenly burning through batteries. The dealer says she should drive it more, but Tom and Ray suspect there may be more to the story.


Prius needs new battery
Nov 01, 2011

Today: Daphne's Prius Needs a New Battery

Dear Car Talk

I just got word that my Prius with miles needs a new hybrid battery. I got the car new and it's been well-maintained but the battery has not given us the 150,000 or 180,000 miles that we had hoped we could get.

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