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is WD-40 a good fix for old ball joints
Feb 01, 2003

Rule of thumb: don't mess with ball joints.

Dear Car Talk

I have a Mazda B pickup truck which has been the most reliable and trustworthy vehicle I have ever owned It is all beat up and it's now primarily used for trips to the dump and miscellaneous hauling It has...

ball joints

Jun 01, 2002

Are front control arms meant to be replaced after only 30k miles?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Audi A with miles I was recently told that the left front control arm has to be replaced and that the right front control arm will soon need replacing I was told by the dealer's service representative...

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Sep 01, 1998

What could cause three axles and three CV joints to blow in three days if it's not the motor mounts?

Dear Car Talk

Help My friend has a Dodge Caravan V with an automatic transmission The driver's-side axle has been replaced three times in four days The same thing keeps happening The inner CV joint keeps blowing apart within about yards All three...

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Apr 01, 1997

Is the dealer taking me for a ride by recommending new ball joints?

Dear Car Talk

blue Honda Accord into the dealer last month for a new battery they called me to say that I needed new front lower ball joints Suspecting that they may just have had a boat payment due I asked why they...

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