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Sep 01, 1998

What could cause three axles and three CV joints to blow in three days if it's not the motor mounts?

Dear Car Talk

Help My friend has a Dodge Caravan V with an automatic transmission The driver's-side axle has been replaced three times in four days The same thing keeps happening The inner CV joint keeps blowing apart within about yards All three...

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Mar 01, 1998

Cold spell bringing on an axle issue?

Dear Car Talk

I'm from Huntsville Ala the home of the Space and Rocket Center and Werner von Braun the famous German rocket scientist knowing this tidbit now qualifies you as an historian of Huntsville Anyway I have a Mazda i pickup with...

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Oct 01, 1995

What could cause vibration upon acceleration?

Dear Car Talk

We have a Olds with miles on it It gets serviced regularly at the dealership and always by the book Between - miles per hour the car begins to vibrate but only when accelerating When we drive faster than mph...


Jan 01, 1993

Bad axle or bad ball joint? Either way, don't drive until it's fixed.

Dear Car Talk

I have an AMC Eagle which is cosmetically and musically incorrect Its cosmetic shortcomings are a result of some AMC engineer s twisted idea of style The musical problem is due to a bent axle Everytime it turns a corner...

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Dec 01, 1989

What is a "half shaft"?

Dear Car Talk

What is a half shaft in a Ford Tempo and what makes it give out Barbara TOM The half shaft is what you get from the dealer when your car is still under warranty Once the warranty expires Barbara you...

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