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Jan 01, 1999

Which carburetor should I buy: the one rebuilt by my local garage or by the factory?

Dear Car Talk

I'm having carburetor problems I've been told I have two choices -- No Have the carburetor rebuilt at my local garage or No Buy a factory rebuilt carburetor from an auto parts store The cost seems to be about the...

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May 01, 1998

What can I do to be alerted that my turn signals are still on, short of getting a hearing aid (not an option)?

Dear Car Talk

Do you know of any device that would alert someone that the directional lights are still blinking I have a hearing deficit please don't suggest a hearing aid and I know the blinking is annoying and perhaps dangerous to other...

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Jun 01, 1997

Are original factory parts better than dealer or auto store replacement parts?

Dear Car Talk

Are original factory parts better than dealer or auto store replacement parts -- Vince TOM Such an elegant simple short question It's too bad there isn't an equally elegant short answer to it RAY We can start by saying that...

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Jan 01, 1997

Where could I find a gas cap for a 1961 Plymouth Valiant?

Dear Car Talk

My wife is very upset with me because I lost the gas cap from her Plymouth Valiant She doesn't drive the car because it doesn't have power steering But it has great sentimental value because her mother drove it for...

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Jul 01, 1996

Difference between "remanufactured" and "rebuilt" auto parts?

Dear Car Talk

I recently needed a new alternator for my Chevy When I asked about getting a rebuilt alternator it was recommended that I purchase a remanufactured alternator instead There is a substantial price difference the remanufactured one is more expensive Are...

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Sep 01, 1995

Where can I find a wiring kit for a 1924 Studebaker?

Dear Car Talk

I have a question that nobody has been able to answer I own a restored Studebaker and recently had a small fire under the dash with the wiring I would like to rewire the ignition and whatever else is necessary...

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Aug 01, 1995

Where can Ernest find a new gas tank for his 1950 Chevy DeLuxe?

Dear Car Talk

I own a Chevrolet four door DeLuxe This car has been in the garage for years and the gasoline tank has rusted away Where can I get a gas tank for this car Ernest RAY We have two suggestions Ernest...

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Aug 01, 1994

What is a Ford "long block" engine, and does "remanufactured" mean the same thing as "rebuilt"?

Dear Car Talk

I had an engine replaced under my Ford warranty on my Escort wagon They told me I was getting a long block which they said was a new engine The engine arrived in a crate but I see on the...

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Jun 01, 1993

Installing a rebuilt steering rack will save you a bundle.

Dear Car Talk

I am a college student who is responsible for the maintenance of my own car I have an ' Toyota Corolla LE with miles The body and the interior are in excellent condition for the age of the car Until...

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Sep 01, 1992

Are car parts from an auto parts shop as good as the ones from the dealer?

Dear Car Talk

I would like to know if the parts you buy at discount auto parts stores are as good as the parts you get at dealerships I have to replace a drag link and steering rod on my ' Ford Ranger...

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