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1953 Allstate - car manufactured by Sears
Oct 17, 2018

Remembering When Sears, Roebuck Sold Cars

Jim Motavalli

Sears declared bankruptcy this week, done in by Amazon and online entities. It was no more successful in its efforts to become an automaker.

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Auctioneers at Manheim Auto Auction
Aug 20, 2018

Gone in 60 Seconds

Jim Motavalli

The modern dealer auto auction is fast and furious, and thousands of cars change hands.

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2019 Honda Clarity with asymmetrical wheel wells
Aug 14, 2018

Weird-Looking Japanese Cars

Jim Motavalli

Huge grilles, asymmetrical wheel openings, creases everywhere, random ducts--it's all part of cutting-edge styling from Japan.

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The Bollinger B1, an electric SUV prototype
Jun 19, 2018

The Car vs. SUV War Is Over, and SUVs Won

Jim Motavalli

The aerodynamic crossover rules America, and its taking over the rest of the world too. But the basic box that started the SUV craze lives on, including in all-electric form.

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Michelin's Movin' On conference in Montreal
Jun 01, 2018

Rubber Meets the Road: Airless Tires, Electric Pickups and Fuel-Cell Range Extenders

Jim Motavalli

Michelin's Movin' On conference in Montreal is a stylish celebration of cutting-edge transportation.

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2012 Ford Fusion
May 14, 2018

Ford's Folly in Betting Solely on SUVs

Jim Motavalli

With the car line reduced to the Mustang and a Focus, the Ford brand is making a short-sighted decision.

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Scenes from the 2018 Collision in New Orleans
May 03, 2018

The Future of Driving: As Seen at the Big Easy's Collision Conference

Jim Motavalli

This New Orleans tech conference is all about improving our transportation experience--with apps, plug-in off-road bikes, electric taxis for the third world, battery trucks and self-driving cars.

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Concept car from Renault at the Beijing Auto Show
Apr 30, 2018

The Beijing Motor Show: Wild Concepts--And They're All Electric

Jim Motavalli

China is plugging in and there's both government policy and solid engineering behind it. Up next: An electric assault on the American and European markets.

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Three Chinese-built electric cars
Apr 30, 2018

Checking Out China's Electric Cars

Jim Motavalli

Kicking the tires and testing the batteries at a race track near Beijing.

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Waiting room of an auto repair shop
Apr 02, 2018

Your Car, Sir: The Rise of Personal Concierge Services

Jim Motavalli

Pick-up and delivery is just the start: There's also complimentary car washes, fine dining, massage, loaner iPads, shuttle services to the mall, and more.

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