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Woman riding enclosed, electric bicycle (ELF).
Nov 03, 2017

Adventures in the Eco-Friendly ELF

Jim Motavalli

It's a curious cross between a bike and a car, and some green-minded Americans are putting it to good use.

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Gas-powered range extender, for towing behind an electric car
Oct 25, 2017

Hyperloops, Shared Autonomous Planes, and More in Paris

Jim Motavalli

Tiny urban EVs, shared scooters,car pooling, Uber data online, and lots of other city solutions in France's City of Lights.

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Making long-haul trucking greener
Jun 02, 2017

Keep on Trucking (But Plug Them In, Add Drones, and Make Them Autonomous)

Jim Motavalli

From Europe, great solutions for reforming the dirty business of long-distance trucking.

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Feb 14, 2017

Electric Cars Are Indeed Net Earth-Friendly

Dear Car Talk

Paul is catching some grief at work for buying an Electric Vehicle. Is it really a polluter or is his coworker too amped up?

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Flying cars
Nov 30, 2016

After Many Failures to Launch, Here Come the Flying Cars

Jim Motavalli

Inventor Dezso Molnar may build contraptions out of Mad Max movies, but they're legal flying cars. And he's not alone.

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2016 European Web Summit
Nov 14, 2016

Talking Robots, Connected Scooters and Sharing Rides at the Web Summit

Jim Motavalli

Europe's answer to CES is just as packed with great tech ideas. Previously in Dublin, now it connects in Lisbon.

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Army trade show
Oct 04, 2016

Shopping at the Army's One-Stop Trade Show

Jim Motavalli

In the heart of the nation's capital, generals kicked the tires on the latest tanks, and checked out the latest in armor-piercing rounds, mine ploughs and sniper rifles.

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Electric scooter review
Jun 23, 2016

uScooter Review: The Perfect Apocalypse Vehicle?

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

The ideal vehicles to own for the next apocalyptic event, which will surely involve a traffic jam of biblical proportions, are small-bore motorcycles, rubber dinghies, ideally with motors, and foldable bicycles. The electric scooter is ready for instant elevation to that group.

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Nov 16, 2015

The 84-mpg, $6,800 Elio Coming to the LA Auto Show--With an Engine!

Jim Motavalli

The tiny two-seat Elio has been running around with a Geo Metro motor, but now it will have its own 0.9-liter, three-cylinder power plant. The Louisiana plant is set to produce cars in late 2016, but it's still tentative.

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Nov 09, 2015

This Dune Buggy Is Electric, 3-D Printed and Crowd Sourced

Jim Motavalli

Local Motors has the Beach Boys on speed dial with its 3-D Swim, a lightweight carbon-fiber battery car with a built-in surfboard. And, yes, its body is 3-D printed atop a BMW i3 chassis.

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