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Toyota Mirai with JC Howard
Oct 18, 2017

Hy on Life: Behind the Wheel of a Hydrogen Vehicle

J.C. Howard

An average guy test drives a hydrogen-fueled vehicle.

alternative energy Toyota Mirai

Skateboard crash test dummy
Oct 09, 2017

Forget Dikes and Windmills--the Modern Dutch are Focused on Green Machines

Jim Motavalli

The Netherlands today is a start-up nation of electric and automated vehicle enthusiasts.

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Solar paneled roadway
Dec 21, 2016

Solar Panels? You're Driving on Them

Jim Motavalli

Imagine a road made of interlocked photovoltaics, capable of charging vast fleets of electric cars--or whole communities. It's possible, but very, very challenging.

alternative energy

2016 LA Auto Show
Nov 15, 2016

At the L.A. Show, an Electric Jaguar with a Big Roar

Jim Motavalli

The 400-horsepower Jaguar I-Pace boasts twin electric motors, a 90-kilowatt-hour battery, and zero to 60 in four seconds. It's ready to take on Tesla at its own game. 

alternative energy LA Auto Show

2016 European Web Summit
Nov 14, 2016

Talking Robots, Connected Scooters and Sharing Rides at the Web Summit

Jim Motavalli

Europe's answer to CES is just as packed with great tech ideas. Previously in Dublin, now it connects in Lisbon.

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alternative energy buses
Sep 29, 2016

Reading, Writing and Diesel Exhaust: Jenna Bush on Cleaner School Buses

Jim Motavalli

Former First Daughter (and former teacher) Jenna Bush is advocating for propane-powered buses. The air inside a diesel bus can be eight times dirtier than the outside air.

alternative energy public transportation kids

clean power fueling electric cars
Aug 12, 2016

Electric Cars and Green Power: A Clean Energy Loop

Jim Motavalli

Yes, electric cars like the Chevy Volt I'm driving aren't really "zero emission" if they're charging from fossil fuel plants. But that's why we need to build more solar, wind and hydro generation.

alternative energy

Aug 01, 2016

Delivering Those Fritos: Clean-Burning Natural Gas Trucks

Jim Motavalli

Frito-Lay is doubling down on natural gas trucks. It has more than 500--with a 23-percent greenhouse gas reduction--and they've covered 100 million miles. The challenges: volatile gas prices, and a need for more CNG/LNG stations.

alternative energy trucks

Jun 23, 2016

Tesla and SolarCity: For Elon Musk, it's Personal (and a Family Affair)

Jim Motavalli

Elon Musk wants Tesla Motors to merge with his cousin's photovoltaic company. It's a decision made from the heart, not the head, but it may be a good idea anyway. 

alternative energy Tesla

May 20, 2016

Big Wheels: A Clean Revolution for Trucks and Buses

Jim Motavalli

Dirty tailpipes are still spewing diesel pollution, but new technology will make the nation's 18-wheelers and transit systems much more environmentally friendly.

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