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Airbag light on after hitting armadillo
Aug 01, 2009

Today: could an armadillo set off an airbag?!

Dear Car Talk

I drive a 2004 Hyundai Elantra that was bought used, and I don't know the history of the vehicle. Last evening, I unavoidably ran over a fairly large armadillo. It was big enough, and the car sits low enough, that it...

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Mar 01, 2008

Will an airbag still protect you, if your car is running but not moving?

Dear Car Talk

Will an air bag deploy if the vehicle is running but not moving? For instance, you are waiting at a red light minding your own business, and a vehicle plows into your grill. Will the air bag deploy? What if...


is it unsafe to drive with your purse on your lap
Aug 01, 2005

Will airbag deployment launch my friend's purse through her ribcage?

Dear Car Talk

We are a couple of old broads in our 70s, both very hard-headed. My friend drives with her purse between her stomach and the steering wheel. I think this is probably very dangerous! I tried to tell her that when...

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safety update on the scion xB
Mar 01, 2005

On your radio show recently I heard you say you...

Dear Car Talk

On your radio show recently I heard you say you liked a car called the Scion xB but couldn't recommend it because it was missing some crucial safety features Then I read this in an e-mail newsletter sent out by...

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should my airbag have deployed in a bad accident if i was hit from behind at low speed
Nov 01, 2004

Did this car's safety features perform as intended during a serious accident?

Dear Car Talk

I was involved in a very serious accident a month ago An -wheeler hit me from behind and sandwiched me into a van in front of me The entire front end of my car Cadillac Eldorado was smashed in yet...

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Feb 01, 2002

If we were Nissan, we'd want to get to the bottom of the reason behind accidental airbag deployment.

Dear Car Talk

In a recent column there was a letter from someone who had an accidental air-bag deployment in a Nissan Quest You suggested that if the dealer could not find an absolute certain cause of the deployment the person should unload...


Jan 01, 2002

Another case of defective airbags. Should Toyota replace the entire truck?

Dear Car Talk

My Toyota T- 's air bag deployed while I was parked in my garage with the motor running I had my seat belt on and I reached down to the passenger side took a small handicapped parking sign and put...

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Jan 01, 2002

For once, your son isn't to blame...you have defective airbags.

Dear Car Talk

I have a new -week-old Ford Focus with miles on it My -year-old son was driving it alone at about mph and he decelerated quickly because he thought he missed his turn He is adamant that he didn't hit anything...

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Sep 01, 2001

What recourse do I have after an airbag spontaneously explodes?

Dear Car Talk

Last Thursday the passenger-side air bag on our Nissan Quest exploded deployed doesn't exactly capture it as my wife turned the ignition in the driveway Our -year-old daughter was in the front passenger seat and had just pulled down the...

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Mar 01, 2001

Do airbags have an expiration date? How do I know if it still works?

Dear Car Talk

There's a sticker on the driver's-side door of my Volvo DL wagon that tells me to replace or check the air bag by January of Should I worry about this or ignore it Is there an automotive sniff test to...

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