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Don't Make an Aftermarket Mistake
Feb 26, 2019

Don't Make an Aftermarket Mistake

Dear Car Talk

Balance potential gains with the possible loss of your warranty

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modified cars have lower resale value
Sep 19, 2016

Performance Tune Your Car! But Kiss Its Resale Value Goodbye

Jim Motavalli

A lof of people want their cars to go faster, but it's often not worth the money--and stock is best when it's time to move on.

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Jun 01, 2016

Ditch that Roof Rack and See Your Fuel Economy Soar

Jim Motavalli

Save gas by improving aerodynamics, getting rid of useless weight, rolling up the windows, and driving like a sane person.

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JC Whitney winking animals advertisement
Mar 30, 2016

10 Bad Ideas From the JC Whitney Catalog

Craig Fitzgerald

JC Whitney was like the Victoria's Secret catalog for greasy idiots. Yes, there were regular car parts in there, but it was the fantasy of equipping your 1951 Oldsmobile with a hood ornament in the shape of Jayne Mansfield that kept the catalog growing.

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Jan 08, 2016

Future of Driving? The Folks at CES Think They Know.

Jim Motavalli

Portable breathalyzers, back-up cameras and autonomous features from the floor of the Consumer Electronics Show. 

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inflatable car jack
Nov 06, 2015

Brilliant or Bogus? Car Inventions from SEMA

Guest Bloggers

Tell us what you think of these aftermarket car accessories.

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Aftermarket parts versus factory parts
Oct 10, 2013

When Are Aftermarket Parts OK?

Dear Car Talk

Steve needs to do some repairs on his Dodge Durango but his friends are giving him conflicting advice. A mechanic buddy says he should definitely use real Dodge parts, but a friend who does auto rebuilding says he can get away with aftermarket products. Tom and Ray explain that there's no one-size-fits-all answer for aftermarket parts, but Steve can probably get away with using them in this case. Find out why, right here.

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where can i get a replacement engine for my old but not classic car
Aug 30, 2012

Can Ron's Engine Be Replaced?

Dear Car Talk

Ron wants to keep his Coup DeVille running forerver, but his mechanic says once the engine dies, it can't be replaced, repaired or rebuilt. Is the mechanic just lazy or will Ron have to brace himself for some bad news?

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How to remove rusty valve-stem covers
Aug 01, 2011

Today: Can Jane fix her husband's mistake?

Dear Car Talk

I took my Audi A for routine maintenance The dealership informed me that they could not check my tire pressure because I had aftermarket valve-stem covers I was confident that I didn't since I'm a Suzy Homemaker type and never...

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how can i get a navigation system for my car if the dealer does not offer one
Oct 01, 2004

Aftermarket navigation systems.

Dear Car Talk

I just bought a new Toyota Corolla last year and I love it I'm a visiting nurse and have to find the homes of new clients all the time I'd love to have one of those newfangled navigation systems that...

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