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craigslist dog photo
Aug 05, 2015

PHOTO FAIL: These Craigslist Ad Photos Do More Harm Than Good

Craig Fitzgerald

Selling your car online? A good picture will increase your sale price. Here's how to take a decent photo to get top dollar for your car.

selling advertising

Apr 15, 2015

Ads on Wheels: Meet the Goldfish Car, the Big Banana and the Kissmobile

Jim Motavalli

The first product-themed vehicles were horsedrawn, and the concept has been going gangbusters ever since. The Oscar Mayer Weinermobile and its many imitators are coming soon to a community near you.


Craigslist tractor advertisement
Feb 11, 2015

Kraigslist Katastrophes: Butchering the English Language for Fun and Profit

Craig Fitzgerald

Craigslist is a great tool for finding old junk for sale near you, but it's not going to teach you anything about reading and writing.


Automaker Super Bowl ads 2013
Feb 05, 2013

Time To Call Time Out On Super Bowl Ads?

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

Jamie Kitman tackles the highlights of the Super Bowl--the commercials. Read his take on this year's multi-million dollar spots, right here and tell us what you think!


Nov 01, 2002

What's up with the customer satisfaction surveys that dealers are mailing me...pre-filled out?

Dear Car Talk

What's up with dealer customer-satisfaction surveys After I get my car serviced the dealer sends me a four-page already-filled-out survey identical to the one Honda is going to send me -- with excellent checked in every box The dealer tells...

advertising dealers ethics

Aug 01, 2002

What on earth is an "advertising fee"? We just got charged by our Toyota dealer.

Dear Car Talk

After buying a new car a Toyota Tundra I feel ripped off Just when I was feeling good about the deal we agreed to a price just percent above invoice the guy added on an advertising fee just as we...

dealers buying ethics advertising

Jul 01, 2000

If dealers always sell cars below dealer invoice, how do they stay in business?

Dear Car Talk

I assume that car dealers pay rent or mortgages sales commissions interest taxes utilities etc Since most dealers frequently offer sales promotions at or below dealer invoice why haven't they all long since gone out of business Two percent or...

dealers selling advertising

Nov 01, 1999

Which car company advertised the following: "When batter cars are built, 'XYZ' will build them."

Dear Car Talk

I have a small bet with a lady friend about an old advertising slogan I say it was When better cars are built Buick will build them She says it was Ford who will build those better cars I bet...

advertising bets

Nov 01, 1998

When it comes to "badge engineering" is there any benefit to buying a Honda over an Isuzu if the cars are basically the same vehicle?

Dear Car Talk

I nearly got into an argument with a friend about badge engineering I know the Honda Passport is the same as the Isuzu Rodeo As far as I can tell the Honda and the Isuzu are identical except for three...

buying advertising

Dec 01, 1996

Why do dealers get to place their names on the backs of the cars they sell?

Dear Car Talk

dealers get free advertising by placing their dealership name or logo on the rear of cars There is no useful purpose in this -- not for identification not for service not for anything If I sell you a suit to...

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