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Aug 01, 1993

Should I bother with the $60 fuel injector cleaning solvent from my tune-up guys?

Dear Car Talk

My wife and I both drive fuel injected Pontiac Grand Ams I recently had both tuned up at one of those tune-up places The last three times I've been there they have insisted that we purchase a procedure for cleaning...

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May 01, 1992

Additives...to use or not to use?

Dear Car Talk

In a column some time ago Robert Sikorsky an automotive writer stated that he likes and recommends the new teflon lubricating oils like Tuff-Oil and Slick Recently Bill Gordon another auto writer addressed the same subject and said he doesn't...


Apr 01, 1991

Strangely, Ed's snobby car demands Fresh spring water.

Dear Car Talk

I live in a town where the water is very hard Several years ago I started using a mix of antifreeze and distilled water This mixture seems to work well and in fact my temperature gauge seems to run approximately...

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Feb 01, 1991

Click and clack's response to "Is my husband nuts?"

Dear Car Talk

I feel stupid asking you this question but I think my husband is nuts He tells me to put oil into the gas tank of our Chevette He says this will make it run better but every time I do...

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Sep 01, 1989

Can I add rust inhibitor to my antifreeze?

Dear Car Talk

I've heard you guys talk about antifreeze and the need to replace it every year or two because of radiator rusting.

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