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Apr 01, 2003

Is "dry gas" worth the extra cash?

Dear Car Talk

Every time I fill my gas tank I buy half a quart of dry gas My father says it really helps with the fuel line and keeps things clean Is this stuff legit or am I wasting my cash --...

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Oct 01, 2002

Could an octane booster increase horsepower?

Dear Car Talk

A friend of mine has a Corvette with the -horsepower -liter engine Lately he has been using an octane booster on top of -octane premium fuel He claims that the computer in the Vette can detect the booster and advance...

horsepower additives

Jun 01, 2001

Is dry gas fixing my car's starting problem?

Dear Car Talk

I have had some problems starting my ' BMW i on cold damp winter days Both times the problem disappeared IMMEDIATELY after adding a container of dry gas When I discussed this with my dealer service representative and asked if...

electrical wiring additives

Dec 01, 2000

Does gas really go bad?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Toyota Corolla that keeps on going My question is about gasoline I have started to walk the mile to work for health reasons and because gas prices are so darned high I fill up my tank oh...

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May 01, 2000

Will the "magic pellets" I dropped into each cylinder prolong the life of my engine?

Dear Car Talk

I have a BMW e with miles I bought it when it had Lately I've been burning a quart of oil every to miles I can still buy W- for cents a quart and the quotes I've obtained on a...

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Nov 01, 1999

We only just barely recommend "Restore", and only as a last resort.

Dear Car Talk

In a recent column you said you've had some success with a product called Restore Under what conditions do you recommend it and where can I find it -- Bill TOM Under desperate conditions Bill Restore is one of those...


Jun 01, 1999

What puts the "marvel" in Marvel Mystery Oil?

Dear Car Talk

My dad who knew more about cars and engines that anyone I ever knew swore by the benefits of Marvel Mystery Oil He always poured MMO in the crankcase at each oil change and sometimes put it in the gas...

oil additives

May 01, 1999

What do you think about adding a little vinegar before changing the coolant?

Dear Car Talk

I am writing about changing the coolant in my vehicles I have two cars and an RV that are ready for this service What do you think of applying a bit of vinegar into the system letting it circulate a...

additives coolant maintenance

Mar 01, 1999

Can I use rubbling alcohol instead of "dry gas"?gaso

Dear Car Talk

I have a question about Dry Gas I know some brands contain methanol and some contain isopropyl alcohol I know that isopropyl is recommended for cars with fuel injection The question is can I use the isopropyl rubbing alcohol I...

gasoline additives

Oct 01, 1998

Have you ever heard of a "Bon Ami" ring job?

Dear Car Talk

Have you ever heard of a Bon Ami ring job I have an oil- and gas-guzzling Dodge Van with a V I had a compression test done which revealed two or three cylinders with compression below An old-timer friend of...

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