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Can major car damage have no symptoms
Jan 01, 2009

After an accident, how do you know if your car's front-end is safe?

Dear Car Talk

I live in India, and have a question about my father's car (he lives in Dubai). He bought a new Peugeot 307 in May. It's a lovely car, but about a month ago we had an accident. A car came up...


Oct 01, 2008

Does locking the car doors help keep you safer in an accident?

Dear Car Talk

My wife and I have had a "spirited discussion" about this question. My wife always insists that we lock the doors when driving so they don't "pop open accidentally." I prefer unlocked, because should we have an accident, the first...

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advice for a survivor of a terrible car crash who needs to get back on the road
Jun 01, 2005

How can Deborah overcome her fear of other drivers after a traumatic accident?

Dear Car Talk

About a year and a half ago someone in a Chevy S- pickup truck slammed into the back of my Toyota Camry at 70 mph. I was at a complete stop on the highway behind a long line of vehicles...

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better advice about escaping from a sinking flooded car
Apr 01, 2005

Best Way to Free Yourself From a Submerged Vehicle?

Dear Car Talk

A retired firefighter/paramedic and underwater rescue diver writes in with some actually useful information about a product that could save your life if your car ends up underwater (with you in it.)

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in an emergency how can i escape from a car trapped underwater
Dec 01, 2004

How to keep from getting trapped underwater by failing electric windows.

Dear Car Talk

We recently had some major floods here and several people were trapped and died in their cars I'm guessing the electric windows were not functioning and the water pressure kept the doors from opening If you do find yourself trapped...

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should my airbag have deployed in a bad accident if i was hit from behind at low speed
Nov 01, 2004

Did this car's safety features perform as intended during a serious accident?

Dear Car Talk

I was involved in a very serious accident a month ago An -wheeler hit me from behind and sandwiched me into a van in front of me The entire front end of my car Cadillac Eldorado was smashed in yet...

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should a seat back break in a car accident
Aug 01, 2004

Is it normal for a seat back to break in a serious car accident?

Dear Car Talk

My -year-old daughter was in a car accident when her ' Ford Contour was T-boned by a sport utility vehicle a GMC Yukon Her car spun around several times and ended up in a ditch She was wearing her seat...

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what is my obligation to other endangered drivers as a good samaritan who observes an accident
Dec 01, 2003

Was I right to not stop at the accident I had to swerve around?

Dear Car Talk

Driving on the highway at a m recently we are in the middle lane and we come over the crest of a slight hill There is a car stopped at an angle across the left and middle lanes Clearly there...

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why would a car swerve on a dry road
Jan 01, 2003

Did my non-ABS brakes cause an accident?

Dear Car Talk

I know you are both big fans of the Toyota Camry so I'm hoping you can help I have a Toyota Camry LE with miles on it Last week I had the front brakes replaced at a Toyota dealership I...

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Apr 01, 2002

Jeep Cherokee skimped on backseat headreasts that could prevent serious neck injury.

Dear Car Talk

I have a four-door Jeep Cherokee and I'm worried that the low rear seat which doesn't have headrests might be dangerous in an accident I noticed this when my son recently went from being in a child seat which extended...

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