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Noises from Her Jeep Could Mean It's a Heap
Mar 13, 2018

Noises from Her Jeep Could Mean It's a Heap

Dear Car Talk

'Whistling teapot' sounds could mean a steep mechanic bill.

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Jeep Rubicon
Mar 06, 2018

Is New York the "Jeep Capital of the World"?

Jim Motavalli

Meet the new Wrangler and the refreshed Cherokee. Not that many SUV owners take their cars off road, but the mean and potholed streets of Manhattan are the next best thing. 

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Dec 01, 2000

Would a Jeep Wrangler make a good first car for this teen?

Dear Car Talk

I'm - years old and get my license in less than six months so my parents and I are looking for a good car for me I am in love with the Jeep Wrangler My best friend has one and...

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Nov 01, 2000

Yet another teenage son wants a Jeep Wrangler.

Dear Car Talk

I've heard one of you guys wax eloquent about the trials and tribulations of having a -year-old son I have one who's a sophomore in college He chose a small liberal-arts college because he wouldn't need a car there and...

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