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May 12, 2011

Carbon Pioneers: A Swedish Family Dramatically Cuts Its CO2 Production

Jim Motavalli

The Lindell family of Stockholm, Sweden, is living in the middle of a corporate greenhouse gas reduction experiment that includes an ultra-green house and a battery-powered Volvo C30.

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how could wheel bolts break off a car
Jun 01, 2010

Just why did Judy's wheel fall off her Volvo?

Dear Car Talk

Two weeks ago while traveling down a city street, my car, a Volvo S80, suddenly swerved and almost flew into a lamppost. A man driving behind me said he saw the right front wheel come off just before the car...

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Should you let your spouse repair your car
Mar 01, 2010

Today: The pros and cons of having your boyfriend repair your car.

Dear Car Talk

I'm a busy, poor veterinary student with an old, 1989 Volvo 240 DL. I have a wannabe boyfriend/mechanic who likes to tear into things and see what's inside, then put things back together the best he can. I appreciate his efforts...

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why do i have to kick my volvo before the car door will open
Dec 01, 2006

Fact: A swift kick can get you a bill at the mechanics.

Dear Car Talk

I had a good laugh when you said on your radio show that it is customary in France to kick Volvos before entering. I have a '74 Volvo which I have to kick to open the driver's door. I was...

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could a big old heavy car be safer than a newer car with safety features and better handling
Aug 01, 2004

Which is safer: an old Volvo with great design and heft, or a Jetta with some newer safety features?

Dear Car Talk

Am I safer in a bigger older car that doesn't handle particularly well and has no new safety features i e my ' Volvo sedan or a newer compact car with side-curtain air bags that handles well and performs well...

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both our grandmas gave us their old cars which one should we sell
Jun 01, 2004

Which aging vehicle would you keep: Camry or Volvo sedan?

Dear Car Talk

Here's a question I call dueling grandmas My wife's mother has given us a ' Toyota Camry sedan with miles on it My mother has given us a ' Volvo sedan with miles on it We have to sell one...

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can top of the line safety features compensate for the risk of rollover in an suv
Apr 01, 2004

Help with deciding between a Honda Odyssey, a Volvo SUV and a Volvo XC.

Dear Car Talk

I am trying to weigh the safety and convenience benefits of the Volvo SUV versus the Volvo Cross Country versus a minivan like the Honda Odyssey While the extra seating in the Volvo SUV is a very valuable feature --...

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Nov 01, 2002

Recommendations for an accident averse teen who's buying her first car.

Dear Car Talk

I am a -year-old high-school student who is car shopping I had convinced myself that I wanted a small SUV like a Honda CR-V or a Toyota RAV But then I started considering the likelihood of a rollover and I've...

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Mar 01, 2001

Do airbags have an expiration date? How do I know if it still works?

Dear Car Talk

There's a sticker on the driver's-side door of my Volvo DL wagon that tells me to replace or check the air bag by January of Should I worry about this or ignore it Is there an automotive sniff test to...

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Oct 01, 1999

What do you recommend for a 16 year old witih $3k to spend?

Dear Car Talk

I'm years old and have about to purchase a used car I am looking for something that will be safe and reliable I have been looking at ' to ' Volvos and small trucks What do you think -- Trevor...

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