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Dog camping in a camper van
Aug 09, 2016

A Man, a Plan, a Van . . . a Can(ine)?


Life in a 1987 Vanagon with two humans and one dog. 

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Jul 01, 1998

Now here's a midlife crisis car purchase that we can get excited about.

Dear Car Talk

I am having a genuine bona fide midlife crisis I can tell because I think I am acting the way all my friends say guys act when they have midlife crises I want to ditch a perfectly good reliable Honda...

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Jul 01, 1997

Which brother will spend the most on car repairs: the one with the Volvo or with the Vanagon?

Dear Car Talk

My brother and his wife like to snicker at what they perceive to be the high cost of repairs that my wife and I occasionally incur on our vehicles -- an ' Volvo DL sedan and an ' Volvo DL...

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