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His Windshield Wipers Seem to Have No 'off' Switch
May 09, 2017

His Windshield Wipers Seem to Have No 'off' Switch

Dear Car Talk

The windshied wipers on Steve's Chrysler Town & Country won't turn off, even with the car off. How can he keep them from going to town?

wipers fuses Chrysler Town & Country 2006

should i keep a car with sentimental value even if its not practical
Aug 30, 2016

Does the Old Gray Mare Have a Few Miles Left?

Dear Car Talk

Barb's Town and Country needs transmission work. Should she spend the money or put it out to pasture?

transmissions oil Chrysler Town & Country 1995

Chrysler Town and Country heat is always on
Nov 19, 2015

Today: What's Causing Heat Problem in Jerry's Town and Country?

Dear Car Talk

The heat is always on in Jerry's Chrysler Town and Country but his mechanic says nothing is broken. What's Car Talk's advice?

heating Chrysler Town & Country

Mar 01, 1996

I'd like a minivan that feels like a Lincoln Continental. Does it exist?

Dear Car Talk

I am a year old six foot pound salesman driving - miles annually I've driven a Lincoln Continental or Buick Park Avenue for over years and love the luxury and soft comfortable ride Now my new sales lines require the...

vans minivans buying Chrysler Town & Country