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Try These Cars on for Size
Jan 23, 2020

Try These Cars on for Size

Dear Car Talk

You don't always need an SUV to get a good view of the road

buying crossovers Scion xA 2006

why would a car shake shiver while idling
Oct 13, 2016

The Scion with the Shimmy

Dear Car Talk

Ann's Scion tC has a case of the shakes at idle. Is replacing the spark plugs a good guess at a solution?

spark plugs repairs Scion tC 2007

Converting a Scion iQ into an Aston Martin Cygnet clone
May 15, 2014

Austin's Aston Scion

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

Aston, as in Aston Martin? And Scion, as in Toyota? Yes, that's right. A creative car nut in Texas has redefined the meaning of "hybrid vehicles."

Aston Martin Cygnet Scion iQ

safety update on the scion xB
Mar 01, 2005

On your radio show recently I heard you say you...

Dear Car Talk

On your radio show recently I heard you say you liked a car called the Scion xB but couldn't recommend it because it was missing some crucial safety features Then I read this in an e-mail newsletter sent out by...

safety features airbags Scion xB