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If Not for the Looks, Upgrade for the Safety
Jun 18, 2020

If Not for the Looks, Upgrade for the Safety

Dear Car Talk

Are you sentimental or just a cheapskate?

safety high-tech buying Saturn LS 2002

This Saturn May Be up in Smoke
Sep 16, 2019

This Saturn May Be Up in Smoke

Dear Car Talk

There's no genie in a bottle that'll fix this problem.

oil oil changes smoke Saturn Ion 2003

Can 'Limp Home Mode' Happen at Home?
Dec 21, 2017

Can 'Limp Home Mode' Happen at Home?

Dear Car Talk

A Saturn's limitedĀ rpm after starting may be a sensor issue.

catalytic converters sensors Saturn Outlook 2008

Feb 16, 2017

Is Worn-Out Bearing Diagnosis Correct?

Dear Car Talk

After his mechanic diagnosed a worn-out driveshaft bearing, Douglas asks whether a lack of noise is cause for a second opinion.

Saturn Vue 2004

Nov 01, 1998

We hear from a fan of Saturn's "one sticker car price" pricing strategy.

Dear Car Talk

I just want to thank you for your discussion of car dealers and your backing of the one sticker price idea I was in a car accident and my car was totaled so I had to buy a new car...

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Jan 01, 1993

Click and Clack are asked their opinion about Saturns.

Dear Car Talk

With you dear fellows being my worshipped and adored purveyors of truth in the automotive industry and all I desperately need your help I read your column religiously but I have no recollection of seeing anything about the line of...

reviews Saturn 1993

Sep 01, 1991

The perfect-looking car: A Saturn.

Dear Car Talk

I would like your comments on the Saturn automobile Three or four times I have seen what I thought was the perfect looking car Each time it turned out to be a Saturn It has that sporty look I like...

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