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Saab 900 Turbo doesn't run
Nov 17, 2015

Can Susie Revive Inherited Saab?

Dear Car Talk

Susie just inherited a 1983 Saab 900 Turbo hatchback in perfect condition...except for one thing-- it doesn't run.

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Three Saabs
Mar 27, 2014

One Saab Forward, Three Saabs Back

Guest Bloggers

A tale of four loves -- all of them four-wheeled, all of them Swedish. Find out whether this Saab story has a happy ending, right this way.


Saab driver side door won't unlock
Feb 07, 2012

Today: The Saab that Locked Itself

Dear Car Talk

John's dad is locked out of his Saab thanks to a faulty part. With Saab in bankruptcy, will he ever be able to get back in?

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Dec 21, 2011

The Last Saab Story

Jim Motavalli

After a long, agonizing struggle, Sweden’s ultra-quirky automaker ends up in bankruptcy court.


Jun 01, 1996

Another bad alternator, or a rare case of a Swedish syndrome known as "ground wire burnout"?

Dear Car Talk

Here's another Saab story for you My girlfriend has a non-turbo It starts fine idles for a while then stalls If you try to start it the battery just acts dead If you jump start it it will run fine...

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Oct 01, 1993

Think you're immune from "General Motors Power Steering Syndrome" because you drive a Saab? Think again.

Dear Car Talk

I have a Saab with power steering that is hard to steer when it is first driven After driving five to ten miles it works normally There is no fluid loss I have taken it to two seperate shops One...

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Oct 01, 1989

My Saab's a real whiner!

Dear Car Talk

My Saab has developed a peculiar noise after miles At speeds above mph there is a whine that sounds just like tires on an old steel grate As the speed of the car increases the pitch but not the volume...

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Dec 01, 1988

How does a Saab match up to a Volvo?

Dear Car Talk

I'm replacing my car next year and am considering a Volvo or a Saab S. How does the Saab compare to it?

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