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Mystery Hoses on Fuel Pump Go Nowhere
Feb 05, 2019

Mystery Hoses on Fuel Pump Go Nowhere

Dear Car Talk

This Ranger has thrown Robert a curveball

fuel pumps gas tanks gasoline Ford Ranger 1995

Jan 12, 2017

Will Water Harm the Power-Steering System?

Dear Car Talk

Craig goofed and added some water to his power steering system. Flushing it is easy--and might be worth putting on video.

steering DIY Ford Ranger 2008

is a mismatched thermostat the reason the motor doesn't warm up
Dec 06, 2016

Why Is Mike's Ranger Not Warming up Properly?

Dear Car Talk

Mike's '92 Ford Ranger needed a thermostat, so the parts guy sold him one from a '75 Ford Pinto. It fits, but is it the reason the truck still won't warm up?

thermostats Ford Ranger 1992

which car fluids need to be replaced and when
Oct 20, 2016

Caring For a Truck That Sits

Dear Car Talk

Mike has a pickup that spends a lot of time sitting--when it's not being borrowed. What's the best way to maintain a truck that doesn't rack up the miles?

fluids brakes Ford Ranger 2010

Jun 01, 1999

Sudden drop in gas mileage on your Ford Ranger? Check the thermostat.

Dear Car Talk

I have a Ford Ranger with a liter engine and a five-speed manual transmission I used to get between and miles to the gallon However in the space of less than a month the mileage has dropped to between and...

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Jan 01, 1997

I dropped a driveshaft on my brand new Ford Ranger on the way home from the dealership!

Dear Car Talk

On September after years of deliberation I decided to purchase my first new vehicle a white Ford Ranger extended cab pickup -- automatic -liter engine and rear ABS About two miles from the dealership I brake fairly hard to slow...

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Oct 01, 1995

Any ideas about what could be causing noisy lifters?

Dear Car Talk

I own a Ranger X with a liter V automatic The truck has plus miles on it I purchased it used a year ago so I don't have a lot of vehicle history To make a long painful story short...

noises repairs Ford Ranger

Apr 01, 1992

Which truck would you buy?

Dear Car Talk

If you had to buy an extended cab four wheel drive pick up truck which would you choose from this list Toyota Nissan Chevy S- Dodge Dakota Ford Ranger My main concerns are quality price handling and looks Paulo RAY...

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