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Amish buggy traveling on road
Sep 01, 2017

The Amish Don't Drive RVs. But That Doesn't Mean They Won't Build Them.

Jim Motavalli

The Amish don't drive, but these hard-working Hoosiers are doing quite well making recreational vehicles for "the English."


Motorhome passenger side gets hot
Jan 14, 2016

Nadine's Motorhome is Running Hot: Can Car Talk Help?

Dear Car Talk

Nadine's 2002 Class C Motorhome runs fine, but produces so much heat on the passenger side that it's uncomfortable to ride in, even with the AC on full blast. What does Car Talk suggest?

spouses RVs

Airstream RV built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van
Aug 16, 2014

The Airstream Sprinter: Not Your Grandpa's Camper

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

Among the many great oddities of the American highway, one of the greatest is the way we send some of our oldest and most unsteady motorists out in some of our most ridiculously large and difficult to manage conveyances. Jamie Kitman reviews this post-ironic big rig for seniors, right here.

RVs vans Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo Vans

Affordable RVs
May 27, 2014

Today: Arch's Camper Compromise

Dear Car Talk

Arch and his wife are getting ready to retire and they want to see the sights. They're hoping to find a compromise vehicle that makes up for the having fewer comforts and features than a full-sized RV with better gas mileage and drivability. Can Tom and Ray recommend the right ride? 


recommendations for a car for car camping
Apr 02, 2013

Randy's Retirement Dream is . . . a Minivan?

Dear Car Talk

Randy always wanted to get a camper for when he retires but now that the gas prices are high, he's thinking about sizing-down his vision to a small SUV. Find out why Tom and Ray say a mini-van is the ulitmate compromise vehicle, right here.

minivans RVs

1978 Trans Am Bandit by Jim Hanna for Car Talk
Mar 08, 2011

Where Are the Campers?

Guest Bloggers

Thinking of converting a van into a camper? A suggestion! If you're a middle-aged male, alone, driving a plain white cargo van with a makeshift bed in the back, don't sit in it parked near a school. Just don't.

RVs vans

Apr 01, 1997

What kind of camper van do you recommend for a Great American Roadtrip?

Dear Car Talk

In a few years I'm planning to take to the road in true hippie fashion and go in search of America I want to purchase a small used camper-van for my wanderings The obvious choice would seem to be a...

vans RVs

Oct 01, 1996

Can I tow a Yugo behind our RV?

Dear Car Talk

I have a question concerning my Yugo I want to tow it behind my motor home It has front-wheel drive and a standard shift My nephew built a real nice tow bar and attached the Yugo A friend saw it...

towing RVs

May 01, 1995

I have four wheels on my rear axle -- is that just as good as 4-wheel drive?

Dear Car Talk

Please settle an argument in which I am embroiled My Dodge-chassis motorhome has dual rear wheels side by side I maintain that I thus have a four wheel drive vehicle in effect with as much traction as any garden-variety WD...


Jan 01, 1990

A vehicle for cross-country travelers

Dear Car Talk

Your article on the travel trailer was almost a year too late for us but I enjoyed the warning to others We had purchased a foot trailer last February which my husband felt could be towed by our large Chevrolet...