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1975 Ford Pinto Runaround
Mar 24, 2011

Don't Like Government Regulation? How'd You Like Another Pinto?

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

September 11th: A day that lives in infamy for more reasons than one. Thirty-one years to the day before the vicious attack that took so many lives on this date in New York City in 2001, the Ford Motor Co. introduced the Pinto.

regulation safety Ford Pinto

Mar 24, 2011

40 Years After the Pinto's Debut, Remembering its Exploding Gas Tanks

Jim Motavalli

The Pinto was brought down in a classic piece of investigative journalism that appeared in 1977. Now author Mark Dowie says that if the Pinto is repaired with an $11 part, it's actually not a bad little car.

safety Ford Pinto

May 01, 1998

Advice on switching a Ford Pinto's steering column to manual steering.

Dear Car Talk

I live right in New York I've got a Ford Pinto Wagon that came from Florida It's in very good shape ugly green though To me it's worth fixing but to a limit Right now I'm driving it with no...

DIY steering Ford Pinto

Jan 01, 1991

Joseph joins the club of PAIN.

Dear Car Talk

I enjoy your wisdom and humor every week Is there any club for Pinto owners that you are aware of Joseph TOM Let's set the record straight Joseph BMW and Jaguar owners have clubs Pinto owners have support groups RAY...

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