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VW Microbus
Jan 18, 2016

Five Things We Wish VW Got Right with the BUDD-e "Microbus" Concept

Craig Fitzgerald

Volkswagen announced the BUDD-e concept at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. It's supposed to be the modern Microbus, but that's really not what it is.

concept vehicles Volkswagen Microbus

Dec 15, 2015

One More Time, the Return of VW's Microbus

Jim Motavalli

An electric Microbus-like concept vehicle will be shown at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas next month, and some think it could turn into a full-fledged production vehicle, in multiple versions. But it may not be a minivan, and it might not happen at all.  

concept vehicles Volkswagen Microbus

Sep 28, 2014

Five Reasons VW Should Bring Back the Bus

Jim Motavalli

Absolutely not, says VW, at least not right now. But we think they should reconsider! Five reasons why, right here. 

Volkswagen Microbus

Aug 28, 2013

The Bus Stops Here

Guest Bloggers

Now that Volkswagen is finally hanging up its tie-dye hat, hippies and hipsters alike will be sobbing into their kombucha.

Volkswagen Microbus 1966

is a prince portrait airbrushed on a car hood or other flashy paint a police office magnet
Oct 01, 2004

Judy's Worried About Her Daughter's VW Bus

Dear Car Talk

Judy's daughter bought a VW Bus, and Judy is worried about safety. Can Tom and Ray help her convince her daughter that this vehicle is bad news?

safety Volkswagen Microbus

Jun 01, 2001

Could a 30-year old VW bus make it through a 7k mile roadtrip?

Dear Car Talk

As soon as I graduate from high school my friends and I are planning to buy a VW Microbus and drive it around the United States I figure it's roughly to miles round trip from Dallas to California to Washington...

road trips Volkswagen Microbus

Feb 01, 2000

Bob takes offence at the nomination of the VW bus for Worst Car of the Millenium.

Dear Car Talk

of your nominations for Worst Car of the Millennium You brought back many painful memories for my brother and me RAY Mostly for him since he owned most of the cars you folks nominated Now that the nominations are in...

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Jun 01, 1999

VW Microbus: Cool? Yes. Safe? Heck, no.

Dear Car Talk

I was thinking of buying a Volkswagen Microbus I know that means constant repairs etc But I currently drive a Jetta with miles that also needs constant repairs So I figured if I'm going to be repairing my car all...

safety Volkswagen Microbus

Nov 01, 1993

Click and Clack refrain from trying to talk Phil out of a VW Microbus.

Dear Car Talk

I want to buy an old VW bus to use on car camping trips and to take to bluegrass festivals What should I look for or look out for in a VW bus Should I avoid automatics How about campers...

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