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Leaky High Mile Miata Needs Low-Buck Repair
Mar 08, 2018

Leaky High Mile Miata Needs Low-Buck Repair

Dear Car Talk

Here's a last-ditch possible cheap fix for a leaking radiator.

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Japanese roadsters and sportscars
Nov 30, 2016

Dependable Fun: Three Bargain Japanese Roadsters

Jim Motavalli

The Mazda Miata, Toyota MR-2 Spyder and Nissan 350Z Roadster all offer reliable rides--driving fun without the headaches of the MGs, Triumphs and Lotuses of old.

Mazda Miata Nissan 350Z Toyota

Jul 28, 2015

Fast Times in the All-New Mazda Miata

Jim Motavalli

The fourth-generation MX-5 is a return to basics, with reduced weight (and a smaller-displacement) but more power and lots of go-for-it gutsiness. 

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Can a damaged Fiat be repaired
Jul 01, 2011

Nora's mom loves her damaged Fiat. Is there any hope?

Dear Car Talk

My mom is great. I love her, and I need to know how to help her. She has a '74 Fiat Spider convertible. It's adorable and fast, and she loves it. But, it's not running. AGAIN. It's been parked for...

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car recommendations for a miata lover who doesn't want to get crushed by an suv
Jun 01, 2005

Do I have to sacrifice safety for a convertible?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Mazda Miata I'm the original owner and have driven -plus miles without a repair if you don't count the electronic antenna getting stuck I love my Miata However out here in Southern California I figure I am...

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Aug 01, 1998

Can I justify buying that shiny new Miata when I have a perfectly serviceable Honda?

Dear Car Talk

I'm a -year-old with a new grandchild and a perfectly wonderful but boring ' Honda Accord I stopped by the local Mazda dealership and experienced some sort of out-of-body experience when I saw the ' Miata -- in my colors...

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