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Replacement suggestions for Mercury Grand Marquis
Dec 15, 2015

Good Replacement for the Grand Marquis?

Dear Car Talk

Can Car Talk help a self-identified old geezer replace his Mercury Grand Marquis?

buying Mercury Grand Marquis

Mercury Grand Marquis oil light on
Jul 31, 2014

Oil Light vs. Dipstick: Which is More Accurate?

Dear Car Talk

The oil light came on in Scott's 1985 Mercury Grand Marquis, but when he checked the levels himself, they appeared to be fine. Find out which indicator Scott should believe, and why Tom and Ray say he should pony up the extra cash to get the sensor fixed, right here. 

oil sensors Mercury Grand Marquis

should i buy a car i love if it's getting discontinued
Apr 01, 2011

Should Denise buy a Mercury, with the entire brand being discontinued?

Dear Car Talk

I drove a 2010 Mercury Mariner as a rental in Tucson, Ariz., last winter. I'm a snowbird now from the Chicago area and need a car down there. I really liked the car but saw that it is being discontinued. Would...

Ford Escape Mercury Mariner

Jul 01, 1993

What's the difference between a Ford Tempo and a Mercury Topaz?

Dear Car Talk

I am interested in purchasing either a Ford Tempo or a Mercury Topaz The Mercury dealer says they are different which explains why the Mercury costs more Yet physically they look the same Please explain Mandel TOM They're exactly the...

Ford Tempo Mercury Topaz