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A Car Living a Leisurely Life Hits a Rough Patch
Jul 27, 2017

A Car Living a Leisurely Life Hits a Rough Patch

Dear Car Talk

The rough idle in a rarely driven car could have a few causes. Ray sorts out the potential culprits and solutions.

idling gasoline Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Jun 21, 2017

Bucket-List Benz: From Whistler to Vancouver in the E-Class Coupe

Jim Motavalli

The two-door midsize Mercedes showcases high tech, safety and luxury appointments.

reviews coupes Mercedes-Benz E-Class 2017

Stocking up on Hard-To-Find Parts Not a Bad Idea
Jun 01, 2017

Stocking up on Hard-To-Find Parts Not a Bad Idea

Dear Car Talk

Hanging on to your beloved older car? It might be smart to hoard a few parts made of unobtainium. 

hoses Mercedes-Benz 280SL

Mercedes-Benz GLE
Jan 14, 2015

Mercedes Benz GLE

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

The humongous GLE at the Detroit Auto Show, plus a few choice words for Mercedes-Benz upon the occasion of thier impending move to Atlanta. 

Detroit Auto Show Mercedes-Benz GLE 2015

Airstream RV built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van
Aug 16, 2014

The Airstream Sprinter: Not Your Grandpa's Camper

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

Among the many great oddities of the American highway, one of the greatest is the way we send some of our oldest and most unsteady motorists out in some of our most ridiculously large and difficult to manage conveyances. Jamie Kitman reviews this post-ironic big rig for seniors, right here.

RVs vans Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Does a Mercedes engine need urea
Mar 20, 2012

Mercedes Care: Just add . . . Urea?

Dear Car Talk

Dan's dealer says he'll need to add urea to his new Mercedes's engine. Is this necessary or is Dan getting suckered?

additives emissions Mercedes-Benz

Oct 29, 2010

Fast Times in New Jersey: Driving Mercedes' Hydrogen F-Cell

Jim Motavalli

The F-Cell is the end result of $2 billion and 15 years of hydrogen research from Mercedes-Benz. The car I piloted around woodsy New Jersey (yes, it's green!) is nearing production.

alternative energy Mercedes-Benz

how can I get the dealer to fix a faulty airbag
Jul 01, 2010

Eileen gets a nasty air bag surprise.

Dear Car Talk

I hope you can help me. My rear passenger side air bag deployed, along with the passenger side mid bag and the window shield. There was no impact. I was moving at 35-40 mph on a smooth road with no...

airbags recalls Mercedes-Benz

May 01, 2002

I you could have one of these new cars -- a Mercedes E320 or a Jaguar XJ8 -- which would you choose?

Dear Car Talk

If you had a choice between a new Mercedes E or a new Jaguar XJ and you planned to keep the car for at least years which would you guys choose and why Money is burning a hole in my...

buying luxury vehicles Jaguar XJ8 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Sep 01, 2000

Is the Mercedes of my dreams actually worth $41k from a safety and comfort standpoint?

Dear Car Talk

On my th birthday my husband and our -year-old son took me blindfolded to a car dealership and surprised me with a Mercedes Benz E with a giant red ribbon I had mentioned that I'd always wanted a Mercedes since...

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