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Stalled in the Drive-thru
Jul 12, 2020

Stalled in the Drive-thru

Dear Car Talk

The fix for this old car might cost less than a bag of burgers.

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My Lincoln Town Car Can't Weather the Storms
Aug 13, 2019

My Lincoln Town Car Can't Weather the Storms

Dear Car Talk

Check these things before buying a bilge pump.

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why does the air suspension system in my lincoln lag when it's cold
Mar 18, 2016

Today: What's Wrong With Bonnie's Lincoln Navigator?

Dear Car Talk

The air suspension system on Bonnie's 2003 Lincoln Navigator seems to work fine until the weather gets cold. Can Car Talk diagnose the problem?

suspension Lincoln Navigator 2003

Massaging car seats
Oct 23, 2015

Here's the rub: 2016 Lincoln MKX gets massaging seats

Guest Bloggers

The Lincoln MKX coddles with massaging seats.

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Lincoln MKX sunroof opens when doors unlock
Jun 25, 2015

Today: Why Does the Sunroof Open When the Doors Unlock?

Dear Car Talk

When Kathy uses the key fob to unlock her doors, the windows and sunroof open too. Is this an electrical problem? Or is it more of a "failure to read the owner's manual" problem?

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Lincoln Town Car
Apr 25, 2012

Lost in the Land of Lincoln

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

“My wife and I are looking for a non-descript automobile from a deeply damaged luxury brand, preferably based on an obsolete Mazda6 platform. What can you do for us?”

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how can i find a reliable mechanic while i am out of the country
Jun 01, 2011

Who can Annie trust to fix her dad's 1961 Lincoln Continental?

Dear Car Talk

My terminally ill father has just given me his 1961 Lincoln Continental. The car is in a storage unit in Michigan, and although it was mostly restored about eight or nine years ago, it now needs some repairs (I have a...

Lincoln Continental

is there a car that gets good mileage and looks cool and has a really comfortable seat
Aug 01, 2003

Any comfortable vehicle suggestions for this traveling salesman?

Dear Car Talk

With miles on my ' Ford Explorer I've reluctantly decided it's time to take the plunge and start shopping for a new car As a traveling insurance salesman in LA not the city -- Lower Alabama I spend thousands of...

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Mar 01, 1994

I am now driving an older Jaguar XJ so you...

Dear Car Talk

I am now driving an older Jaguar XJ so you will understand why I am in the market for a more reliable set of wheels I need a large car and am torn between a Cadillac De Ville and a...

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Dec 01, 1988

What's your idea of a spiffy, all-American car?

Dear Car Talk

My wonderful Ford LTD will soon hit the mile mark and I'm ready for a new car Fortunately I can afford to pay for a good well designed car I feel some weird patriotic inclination to buy an American car...

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