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Lexus ES300 smells of gas when idling
Sep 17, 2015

What's Causing Gas Smell at Stoplights?

Dear Car Talk

Dan's car is running just fine, but he's been noticing the smell of gasoline when idling at stoplights. The mechanic hasn't been able to replicate the problem. Car Talk's advice for detecting the source of the leak, right here.

gasoline smells Lexus ES 300 2000

May 01, 2002

Lexus, aka Toyota, dances around poor engine design by talking about "oil gelling".

Dear Car Talk

My wife owns a Lexus RX Recently we received a letter from Lexus on the subject of engine oil gelling The following is an exact quote from the letter Engine oil gelling occurs when old dirty oil becomes thick and...

recalls liability engines Lexus Toyota

Feb 01, 1997

Can you recommend a "near-luxury" vehicle? I'm looking at a Lexus and an Infiniti.

Dear Car Talk

I would like your recommendation on a new-car purchase Currently I have an ' Toyota Celica ST and an ' Acura Integra At age I want to indulge myself I'm looking for a good-performing four-door sedan that's reliable quiet and...

buying Infiniti I30 Lexus ES 300

Dec 01, 1991

Mercedes doesn't trust Tom and Ray.

Dear Car Talk

The time has come for me to buy a new car After looking at many cars and reading Consumer Reports I've narrowed it down to the Lexus SC and the Mercedes-Benz SL I can afford either one but I don't...

Lexus SC 400 1992

May 01, 1991

Traction control--no car does well on sheer ice.

Dear Car Talk

I am in the fortunate position of being able to purchase pretty much any car that I would like within a reasonable or even a slightly unreasonable range Right now I'm looking at an Acura Legend LS as well as...

safety features winter rear-wheel drive Lexus

Sep 01, 1990

I want luxurious spaciousness!

Dear Car Talk

I am the not so proud owner of a Oldsmobile Toronado with miles on it I've had more than my share of major repairs on this car and I no longer believe my Toronado is reliable What car would you...