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what is magnasteer and do i need it
Dec 29, 2016

What Is Magnasteer, and Is It Necessary?

Dear Car Talk

David's 2002 Buick LeSabre needs a new rack and pinion. Does he have to stick with a Magnasteer replacement?

steering Buick LeSabre 2002

should i ignore the thermostat in my buick
Dec 13, 2016

This LeSabre Owner Is Looking for LeSolution to Overheating

Dear Car Talk

Thomas has an overheating Buick that has stumped several mechanics. Could the culprit be something simple?

overheating thermostats Buick LeSabre 2005

Oct 01, 1992

A GM engineer proves the unlikely to be true: Click and Clack are sometimes correct!

Dear Car Talk

I read your column recently about a Buick LeSabre that had an occasional noise sounding like an open muffler when driven in the rain I am an engineering manager with the Flint Engineering Division of General Motors and am familiar...

Buick LeSabre 1990