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Bookshelf with automotive titles
Dec 18, 2018

Are Old Hoses the New Normal?

Dear Car Talk

Preventative radiator hose replacement is a thing of the past

radiators hoses maintenance Kia Spectra 2006

How to Reset Steering Wheel's 'Clock'
Jun 07, 2018

How to Reset Steering Wheel's 'Clock'

Dear Car Talk

When your steering wheel says 11 a.m. but your wheels insist it's noon, it's time for a mechanic.

steering alignment wheels Kia Spectra 2003

Dec 04, 2017

These Animals Will Eat Your Soul

J.C. Howard

Boy, your Soul looks delicious.

wildlife electrical wiring Kia

Kia Rio with Maine scenery
Sep 25, 2017

Millinocket, Maine Lost Its Mill--But is Hoping for a Revival.

Jim Motavalli

Interior Maine is hard-hit as one-industry towns lose their paper mills. The adventure tourism industry--think whitewater rafting--offers an alternative, but will old-timers embrace change?

road trips Kia Rio

why are my brakes sticky
Sep 01, 2016

Before Dropping a Bundle on a Master Cylinder, Loosen That Booster

Dear Car Talk

Claude's Kia has braking issues. Did he spend money on the wrong parts to fix it?

Kia Sedona 2003

Downside of an Active ECO System
Oct 22, 2015

Today: Why Not Use Fuel-Saving System All The Time?

Dear Car Talk

Emmanuel's new car has an "Active ECO System" option that he can turn on and off manually. It improves fuel efficiency, so why isn't in automatically on? Car Talk explains, right here.

fuel economy Kia Soul

is my kia ruining its own clutch by burning it
Apr 24, 2012

Another Clutch Bites the Dust in Mark's Kia

Dear Car Talk

Mark's Kia has burned through three clutches in eight months. Mark swears he knows how to drive. Is there something wrong with his car?

clutches Kia

how to make a dealership honor its warranty
Feb 01, 2010

Could a foreign object really get into the insides of an engine?

Dear Car Talk

My daughter bought a 2005 Kia Sorento nine months ago, and was given an extended warranty by the dealership. A week ago, it started running badly, so she took it back. The technician said two cylinders were not working. He said...

filters engines warranties Kia Sorento 2005

Oct 01, 1998

Which small SUV would you recommend for someone who won't be going off-road?

Dear Car Talk

I'm finally going to buy my first new vehicle I'd like it to last for many years Since I don't know anything about car repair either I'd like a vehicle that's reliable and won't be in the shop a lot...

SUVs buying Honda CR-V Kia Sportage