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This VW Isn't a Dog -- It Just Sounds like One
Nov 20, 2018

This VW Isn't a Dog -- It Just Sounds like One

Dear Car Talk

Growling Jetta is probably not happy with its leak test pump

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2018 Volkswagen Jetta
Apr 20, 2018

2019 VW Jetta: Big Car, Small Price, Great Fuel Economy

Jim Motavalli

The seventh generation Jetta is more aerodynamic, roomier, and improved in almost every way.

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Alloy wheel
Dec 07, 2017

Will Alloy Wheels Improve Mileage and Handling?

Dear Car Talk

Jesada's Jetta might look better but would she notice any other changes?

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A Pricey AC Fix Might Become Cheaper with an Easy Test
Jul 06, 2017

A Pricey AC Fix Might Become Cheaper with an Easy Test

Dear Car Talk

The dealership said Cynthia needed $1500 in repairs to make her VW's AC work again. Additional testing might save her some serious bucks.

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Jetta plays radio with no key
Nov 12, 2015

What's Come Over Lisa's Volkswagen Jetta?

Dear Car Talk

Lisa's Volkswagen Jetta will play the radio and CD player without the key in the ignition. It never did this before. Can Car Talk explain what gives?

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Front-end suspension on Jetta wobbles
Jun 26, 2014

What's Shaking Brian's Jetta?

Dear Car Talk

Brian's 2005 VW Jetta has a wobble in the front-end suspension. He's checked pretty much everything, the CV joints and axles, the tie rods, the struts and mounts, the tires. Can Tom and Ray tell him what he forgot to look at?

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could a big old heavy car be safer than a newer car with safety features and better handling
Aug 01, 2004

Which is safer: an old Volvo with great design and heft, or a Jetta with some newer safety features?

Dear Car Talk

Am I safer in a bigger older car that doesn't handle particularly well and has no new safety features i e my ' Volvo sedan or a newer compact car with side-curtain air bags that handles well and performs well...

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does mexican manufacturing affect the quality of new volkswagens
Jun 01, 2004

Should Volkswagen's recent quality concerns deter Bill from buying a Jetta?

Dear Car Talk

What's happening to the VW brand I used to think VW cars were made to last forever and were built with incredible German precision and care Now I find out that all of the small models they sell in the...

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