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One of These Tires Is Not like the Others
Sep 27, 2019

One of These Tires Is Not like the Others

Dear Car Talk

This VW owner is losing patience with a tire that's losing air

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Electric cars from Volkswagen
May 28, 2014

I Sing the Golf Electric. And the New GTi, Too.

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

The Volkswagen Golf, neƩ Rabbit, turns the big 4-0 in the United States and VW is marking the occasion with the launch of a series of Golfs manufactured in its new Mexican plant. Some are roomier, somer are cheaper...and some are even electric.

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what shoud a tool kit for a car going on a road trip contain
Apr 01, 2003

You should bring along ignition coils on your roadtrip as your VW Golf is infamous for having theirs fail.

Dear Car Talk

After years of driving bondo-colored bolt buckets with beach towels for upholstery I finally got a real car one made in the current decade It's a VW Golf and I want to take care of it I am also planning...

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