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Mar 01, 1993

Why didn't we recommend the Chevy Lumina to Brenda? Safety concerns, that's why.

Dear Car Talk

My questions is WHAT HAPPENED As a loyal reader I was cruising your column looking for solutions to all my relatives' car problems In the question from Brenda who was looking for a new car I thought I knew which...

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Jan 01, 1993

Car Talk does some good...for once.

Dear Car Talk

My husband taught me how to take care of whatever automobile I drive I fill it with gas check the oil transmission fluid windshield fluid filters radiator and tires I drive my husband's Cavalier station wagon quite often and for...

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Mar 01, 1991

Quad 4, and other quandries

Dear Car Talk

What does the term Quad mean when speaking of automobile engines Scott RAY Quad is a registered trade mark of the General Motors Corporation It's GM's name for a four cylinder engine with four valves per cylinder which is now...

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Mar 01, 1991

A First? Car Talk saves Gary money

Dear Car Talk

Thanks I would like to express my appreciation for your article on General Motors power steering problems The problem you described difficult steering for a few minutes when the car is cold was exactly what I had experienced with my...

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Dec 01, 1990

Thank you for the good work!

Dear Car Talk

This letter is to thank you for your column on GM power steering problems I too was having a problem with the steering on my Chevrolet Cavalier wagon It was just as you described it was hard to turn the...

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May 01, 1990

GMPSS: an American car ailment?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Oldsmobile When I back out of my garage I have to turn right and then left to avoid hitting the house Since Christmas these turns have been hard to do Also when I leave the car parked...

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May 01, 1990

The Click and Clack award for Priorities in Engineering

Dear Car Talk

of giving credit where credit is due the Click and Clack award for Priorities in Engineering this week goes to our good friends at General Motors TOM Japan may make cars that don't fall apart They may make engines that...

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Nov 01, 1989

My car hums and groins when I accelerate...

Dear Car Talk

We recently purchased a Chevrolet Celebrity with a V- engine The engine is quiet at idle but when we accelerate we hear a humming or light groaning The Chevy service manager's advice is don't concentrate on the noise He says...

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