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Rubbing Sound Only Happens on Hot Days
Jun 29, 2017

Rubbing Sound Only Happens on Hot Days

Dear Car Talk

Laura's Escape makes rubbing noises when she turns the steering wheel--but only on hot days. How can she fix it before it drives her nuts?

steering noises Ford Escape 2002

Is Engine Noise in Brand-New Car Normal?
May 18, 2017

Is Engine Noise in Brand-New Car Normal?

Dear Car Talk

Mary Lou's new car has odd noises escaping from the engine compartment. Do "they all do that" or should she press her mechanic for an answer?

noises Ford Escape 2016

May 11, 2017

Alignment Check Can Confirm If There Is a Control Arm Mix-Up

Dear Car Talk

Laura rebuilt the front end of her Taurus, but has a nagging suspiciion that some parts were mixed up. How can she tell for sure?

alignment Ford Taurus 1993

If You Need Basic Information about Your Car, Check the VIN
May 04, 2017

If You Need Basic Information about Your Car, Check the VIN

Dear Car Talk

Steven needs to know exactly which model Ford F150 he owns. The answer is right in front of him--and it's not necessarily a trim piece.

Ford F150 2004

Jan 12, 2017

Will Water Harm the Power-Steering System?

Dear Car Talk

Craig goofed and added some water to his power steering system. Flushing it is easy--and might be worth putting on video.

steering DIY Ford Ranger 2008

Ford considers hybrid Mustang
Jan 07, 2017

Ford to Build Mustang and F-150 Hybrids, Plus 300-Mile Electric Car

Jim Motavalli

Ford is making a big commitment to electrics, including electrifying its iconic sports cars and trucks. And, oh yes, it's cancelling that hated Mexican small car plant.

hybrids Ford F150 Ford Mustang

Jan 05, 2017

Used Ford Fiesta: Buy This Year, Not That One!

Car Talk Car Complaints

The Ford Fiesta is a great economy car, particularly for urban use, but beware the perils of Powershift.

buying used cars Ford Fiesta

is a mismatched thermostat the reason the motor doesn't warm up
Dec 06, 2016

Why Is Mike's Ranger Not Warming up Properly?

Dear Car Talk

Mike's '92 Ford Ranger needed a thermostat, so the parts guy sold him one from a '75 Ford Pinto. It fits, but is it the reason the truck still won't warm up?

thermostats Ford Ranger 1992

how can I get a refund for work that was never performed
Nov 29, 2016

Did Dealer Lie about Replaced Hydraulic Lifters?

Dear Car Talk

Don got a bill for $3751 and he's not sure the work was done. If the lifters weren't fitted, how can he ensure his claim isn't aquitted?

mechanics Ford Mustang 1966

which car fluids need to be replaced and when
Oct 20, 2016

Caring For a Truck That Sits

Dear Car Talk

Mike has a pickup that spends a lot of time sitting--when it's not being borrowed. What's the best way to maintain a truck that doesn't rack up the miles?

fluids brakes Ford Ranger 2010