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Jan 16, 2014

Detroit Auto Show 2014: The View From the Floor

Jim Motavalli

With input from Car Talk listeners, here are some of the highlights of the North American International Auto Show in the Motor City.

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Where to park a recalled Honda Fit
Nov 26, 2013

Today: Nervous About Recall Warning

Dear Car Talk

Tom and Ray counsel a nervous Honda Fit owner who's been advised not to park his car in the garage until a fire-causing defect is repaired. How worried should he be? Tom and Ray say it's possible he can ignore the warnin. For example, if he's been wanting an excuse to remodel his garage...

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Aug 01, 2008

Is the Honda Fit's gas tank under the front seat, a cause for concern?

Dear Car Talk

My wife wants to buy a Honda Fit, but now she is worried about the gas tank. It is located under the front seat rather than under the trunk. Is this dangerous? -- Prentiss...

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Jun 01, 2007

How do the new Honda oil-change gauges work? Find out.

Dear Car Talk

I recently bought a Honda Fit. I love the car, and the dealer even gave me a few hundred dollars for my Metro. I really like the Fit and want to take care of it. The Fit has a feature...

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