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Is the sway bar necessary
Aug 28, 2014

Today: Is Car Safe Without Sway Bar?

Dear Car Talk

The sway bar was dangling from Claude's stepson's car, so the mechanic removed it. Tom and Ray say the car is safe to drive, but the mechanic should have worked a little harder to keep the bar. Find out why, right here.

Ford Escort

Jul 01, 1995

Don't call our Ford Escorts cheap!

Dear Car Talk

I am a steady reader of your column Recently you called the Ford Escort a cheap small noisy car I resent this Three of us here have Escorts--good gas mileage no problems comfortable We are very happy with our cheap...

hate mail Ford Escort

Aug 01, 1993

Changing the timing belt every 45k miles (instead of 60k) might save the engine of your '81 Ford Escort.

Dear Car Talk

I recently purchased a very used Ford Escort stop laughing it was only I know that they are prone to valve train meltdown When mine does melt can I install a later model engine to avoid a recurrence Dan TOM...

timing belts Ford Escort 1981

Jul 01, 1993

In this case, your dealer is full of baloney.

Dear Car Talk

I regularly read your column and listen to your radio show and enjoy both But enough fawning and on with my question I have a Ford Escort LX which has gentle miles on the clock Over the last few months...

engines Ford Escort 1991

Dec 01, 1989

Should I replace my timing belt like my mechanic suggests?

Dear Car Talk

I have an Ford Escort It has close to miles and I've been warned that the timing belt should be changed even though there's nothing wrong with it At I want to know what good it does to change it...

timing belts Ford Escort