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Put Your Tesla to the Test
Sep 13, 2019

Put Your Tesla to the Test

Dear Car Talk

Go ahead--enjoy the acceleration of your Tesla!

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Electric Cars Are a Good, Lower-Maintenance Option
Dec 04, 2018

Electric Cars Are a Good, Lower-Maintenance Option

Dear Car Talk

John wants a low-maintenance runabout. Will an EV work for him?

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Aftermarker replacement hybrid battery
Nov 07, 2013

Jury's Still Out on Aftermarket Batteries

Dear Car Talk

Anne's Prius needs a new battery and she's tempted to replace it with a much-cheaper, aftermarket version. Tom and Ray aren't quite ready to endorse this move yet because they don't know enough about these batteries. Want to help Tom and Ray? If you've replaced your hybrid battery with an aftermarket part, write in and tell us what happened. 

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Jul 15, 2011

Fixing Electric Cars: Will the Bill Be Big?

Jim Motavalli

There isn't much data yet on how much it costs to repair crashed EVs, but Cars.com got hit with a big bill when its Volt was in a fender bender.

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