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Nov 01, 1998

Is there any reason that the threads on the lug nuts of a Dodge Dart are threaded in the opposite direction of all other cars?

Dear Car Talk

Last night I was sitting on my porch having a cold one and my girlfriend mentioned to me that she would like me to show her how to change a tire As I began to confidently explain to her the...

tires repairs Dodge Dart

Aug 01, 1998

Your Caravan window breaking was the result of a design flaw and the dealer should fix it for free.

Dear Car Talk

I have a ' Dodge Grand Caravan LE On Monday I was putting something in the back and when I went to close the rear gate the entire back window broke out I took it to a Dodge dealer and...

dealers windows repairs Dodge Caravan

Feb 01, 1997

How can I improve the horsepower of my Caravan...souping up the engine? Engine replacement?

Dear Car Talk

I am the owner of a Dodge Caravan which I bought new The car is in excellent shape with only miles on it The only problem which has been present ever since it was new is the -liter four-cylinder engine...

horsepower Dodge Caravan

Jul 01, 1995

Why do Dodge Darts last forever?

Dear Car Talk

My wife thinks I'm crazy because I'm an old Dodge Dart nut I presently own two of them One is a Dart slant six with miles The other is a mint Dart slant six with miles used only in good...

Dodge Dart

Apr 01, 1995

Where can I research the reliability of the Dodge Intrepid I'm considering buying?

Dear Car Talk

I'm Jack an year old geezer who needs your help Knowing how much you two brothers love and admire one another I feel I can rely on both of you for sage advice I've had it in mind to buy...

buying Dodge Intrepid

Mar 01, 1995

Where can I find parts for the Dodge Dart I'm attempting to restore?

Dear Car Talk

I'm in the process of restoring a Dodge Dart and my only problem so far is trying to find weather stripping for the trunk and the doors I called all the Dodge dealers in my area and every one of...

restoration Dodge Dart

Oct 01, 1994

The brakes went out on my new Dodge Intrepid after only 400 miles!

Dear Car Talk

I picked up a new Dodge Intrepid on Tuesday and on Saturday with miles driven the brakes went out Of course when the dealer picked up the car and checked the brake system nothing was wrong and no problems could...

brakes liability Dodge Intrepid

Aug 01, 1992

Is there any hope for my "new" Dodge Dart?

Dear Car Talk

I recently purchased a Dodge Dart--don't laugh, the car has 61K original miles on a V- engine The original interior is nearly flawless and the paint still shines. I paid only $700 for the car.  Now here's the bad part ....

Dodge Dart

Apr 01, 1992

Which truck would you buy?

Dear Car Talk

If you had to buy an extended cab four wheel drive pick up truck which would you choose from this list Toyota Nissan Chevy S- Dodge Dakota Ford Ranger My main concerns are quality price handling and looks Paulo RAY...

buying trucks Chevrolet S-10 Dodge Dakota Ford Ranger Nissan Toyota 1992

Aug 01, 1991

The '63 Dart is a classic!

Dear Car Talk

As a long-time fan of your column and your radio show I have determined that one of you owns a Dodge Dart as old as mine I have a I hope to keep using this car for the rest of...

Dodge Dart 1963