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Homemade DIY hand cart
Jul 05, 2016

Homemade Handcart - Easy as a Day at the Beach

Tom Bodett

Tom Bodett employs Einstein's little known law to his advantage: For every stupid product design there is an equal and opposite homemade solution.


what should i do for an oil leak that is getting worse and worse
Oct 26, 2012

Today: Kylee's Not-So-Small Oil Leak

Dear Car Talk

Kylee used Mercury Sable came with a "small" oil leak. It's only getting worse and she's getting tired of filling it every couple weeks. Tom and Ray have plenty of sympathy for Kylee but don't hold out much hope for the Mercury. Find out why, right here.

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what parts do your recommend for a frankenstein best of all worlds car
Oct 31, 2012

What Would Dr. Frankenstein Drive?

Dear Car Talk

It's alive! Today Tom and Ray counsel Hunter who wants to build the perfect car using the best available parts from other cars. Sound familiar? Read their advice to this aspiring Mad Car Scientist, right here.


Tom Bodett's wood working shop
Jun 14, 2012

Life at the Workhouse

Tom Bodett

Tom Bodett on power tools, a guy's workshop -- and the fine line between work and play for the DIY'er.


Changing an air filter on a Subaru Outback
Sep 01, 2011

Should Pat change his own air filter, or is he out of his league?

Dear Car Talk

My mechanic asked for to replace the cabin air filter on my Subaru Outback Apparently this needs to be done every year I decided to do it myself but after searching online for the filter which is available for about...

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How to fix a punctured CV boot
Mar 01, 2011

Today: Tom and Ray consider two very different ways to repair cars.

Dear Car Talk

OK. I have two sons of opposite disposition, but who are great friends anyway. We do as much work on cars as we can to save money and maintain some sense that we haven't been made entirely useless by today's...

CV joints DIY repairs

Can an overheated car be fixed with water
Feb 01, 2011

Who's right when it comes to overheating: Chrissy or the Viagra ad?

Dear Car Talk

Love your show and your column! I'm sure you have seen the Viagra commercial on TV in which the intrepid driver notices that his muscle car is overheating. He swings jauntily into a service station, buys a cold bottle of...

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Best engine temperature to change the oil
Jan 01, 2011

Which is better: changing your oil when the engine is hot or cold?

Dear Car Talk

I always change my own oil on my cars. I let the car sit overnight and change the engine oil the next day. My daughter said that it would be better to change the oil when the engine is hot...

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can i clean out the weep channels in my car myself
Nov 01, 2010

Today: Tom and Ray help Annah de-leakify her Camry's roof.

Dear Car Talk

A few years ago, our 1998 Camry started to leak water inside. This is a problem in Oregon, so we took it in for repair, and 500 dollars later, they told us that they cleared the "weep channels" in the sunroof. Evidently...

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is it worth the trouble to replace my battery myself
Nov 01, 2010

Should Jan replace the battery in her Chrysler minivan herself?

Dear Car Talk

We have a 2006 Chrysler Town and Country van. Is it OK to buy and replace the original battery ourselves? Or is this a job for the professionals? We just bought and replaced the battery in our 5-year-old John Deere lawn...

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