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May 03, 2011

The Big Three, Off Life Support and Profitable, Are Making Good Cars Again

Jim Motavalli

The Big Three are baaa-ck, after a long, agonizing skid. With Chrysler announcing Monday that it has finally turned a modest $116 million profit in the first quarter, all of America’s carmakers are back in the black. What a relief. I hate “The Big Two.”

Chrysler Ford GMC

what repairs can fix a belt that slips whenever it rains
May 01, 2011

How can William keep his belt on? (The one on his Chrysler, that is?)

Dear Car Talk

I have a 1998 Chrysler Town and Country Minivan with the six-cylinder engine. Whenever I drive through a puddle, the belt slips off. All of the original undercarriage guards are still present and in factory condition. I have replaced the water...

belts repairs Chrysler

who should i complain to about a new lemon of a car
Oct 01, 2003

Who can I call to vent about my Dodge Grand Caravan?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Dodge Grand Caravan with miles which I bought new So far it has needed -- all under warranty -- a new air-conditioning compressor new seals and a pump in the transmission and a new electric control panel...

Chrysler Dodge Grand Caravan

Feb 01, 1999

Yet another victim of Chrysler/GM/Ford's delaminating paint problem.

Dear Car Talk

We have a Jeep Grand Cherokee Several years ago the paint on the roof started to peel We have notified Chrysler about the problem and have tried to work through their system The bottom line we get from them is...

paint liability Chrysler Ford GMC

Mar 01, 1996

I'd like a minivan that feels like a Lincoln Continental. Does it exist?

Dear Car Talk

I am a year old six foot pound salesman driving - miles annually I've driven a Lincoln Continental or Buick Park Avenue for over years and love the luxury and soft comfortable ride Now my new sales lines require the...

vans minivans buying Chrysler Town & Country

Jan 01, 1996

Is the LeBaron's engine that durable, or does the car just attract gentle drivers?

Dear Car Talk

I recently bought a LeBaron with miles on it even though my last car blew up at I bought it because I've heard nothing but good things about the slant six engine that Chrysler used in the 's and 's...

Chrysler LeBaron

Feb 01, 1995

Should Chrysler repair an engine that fails after only 22k miles?

Dear Car Talk

Have you ever heard of a car that had an engine breakdown after having been driven only miles and cost to repair Even if it was seven years old I have such a car a Dodge This car has had...

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Jun 01, 1994

I recently bought a Dodge Ram Van I bought the...

Dear Car Talk

I recently bought a Dodge Ram Van I bought the optional Magnum V so I wouldn't have to concern myself with overheating while towing my foot boat and running the air conditioning I have no problem with overheating But the...

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Dec 01, 1992

Three valve cover gaskets in three years. What's going on?

Dear Car Talk

I have replaced three valve cover gaskets on my Plymouth Caravelle in the last three years After miles or so oil starts to leak onto the motor and onto the ground Is there a fire hazard I should be worrying...

valves Chrysler

Jan 01, 1992

The pros and cons of a convertible: Don King vs. a Ginsu knife.

Dear Car Talk

Next year I am buying a new car I have been admiring the Chrysler LeBaron for some time Also I have always wanted to own a convertible I think the LeBaron convertible is a beautiful classy car Please give me...

convertibles Chrysler LeBaron