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Mar 06, 2018

Is New York the "Jeep Capital of the World"?

Jim Motavalli

Meet the new Wrangler and the refreshed Cherokee. Not that many SUV owners take their cars off road, but the mean and potholed streets of Manhattan are the next best thing. 

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Choosing between a Transmission Flush or Fluid Change
Sep 21, 2017

Choosing between a Transmission Flush or Fluid Change

Dear Car Talk

When it comes to transmission fluid, flushing beats changing.

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Stop-Start Feature Is New and Aggravating -- but Worthwhile
Sep 12, 2017

Stop-Start Feature Is New and Aggravating -- but Worthwhile

Dear Car Talk

Bill wants to stop the stop-start feature on his 2017 Cherokee before it wears out the starter and his patience. Is there an upside to this feature?

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Apr 01, 2002

Jeep Cherokee skimped on backseat headreasts that could prevent serious neck injury.

Dear Car Talk

I have a four-door Jeep Cherokee and I'm worried that the low rear seat which doesn't have headrests might be dangerous in an accident I noticed this when my son recently went from being in a child seat which extended...

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Aug 01, 1995

Any recommendations for an SUV in 1995?

Dear Car Talk

My question concerns buying a sport utility vehicle I am enamored with the way the Jeep Grand Cherokee looks but I've heard some disaster stories about its performance Consumer Reports does not recommend it My next choices are the Isuzu...

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Jul 01, 1990

How do American cars rate these days?

Dear Car Talk

I just traded in my Toyota Tercel for a Jeep Cherokee I have driven three Toyotas in my life and have found them to be very dependable and worth every penny American cars back then seemed so chintzy and problem-prone...

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