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Sep 01, 1996

Toyota is finally offering a solution to pre-'94 Camry owners with vibration in the steering column.

Dear Car Talk

A while ago you got a letter from a guy named Richard complaining about his Toyota Camry with a four-cylinder engine He said the whole steering column vibrated when he stopped at a light with the car in Drive You...

motor mounts recalls steering Toyota Camry

Apr 01, 1996

Rocker panels falling off Camrys due to design flaw. Is Toyota responsible?

Dear Car Talk

The rocker panel covers fell off my ' Camry and cost to replace Each black strip which runs between the wheel wells is a thin membrane of rubber around a piece of ungalvanized steel When the supporting strip rusts to...

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Sep 01, 1991

The nature of the beast.

Dear Car Talk

I read with interest your recent advice against shifting from Drive to Neutral with automatic transmissions My problem is that there is a very noticeable vibration in the car when I'm stopped at a light and the car is idling...

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Jan 01, 1989

What suggestions do you have for preventative replacement?

Dear Car Talk

My wife and I own two Toyota Camrys What suggestions do you have for preventative replacement For instance at miles the timing belt on my gave way stranding me--fortunately near a good restaurant I then found that this was common...

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