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Warped Brake Discs Are Bad News
Oct 19, 2017

Warped Brake Discs Are Bad News

Dear Car Talk

Don't ignore that shaky steering wheel--other parts could fail, too.

brakes rotors steering Toyota Camry 2011

The Real Deal regarding Synthetic Oil Change Intervals
Jul 11, 2017

The Real Deal regarding Synthetic Oil Change Intervals

Dear Car Talk

Suzanne hears a bunch of different answers when it comes synthetic oil change intervals. What's the wise choice?

oil changes oil Toyota Camry 2011

Is My Car Sending Smoke Signals about Its Health?
Mar 23, 2017

Is My Car Sending Smoke Signals about Its Health?

Dear Car Talk

White smoke on starting, you and your car soon will be parting.

engines smoke Toyota Camry

both our grandmas gave us their old cars which one should we sell
Jun 01, 2004

Which aging vehicle would you keep: Camry or Volvo sedan?

Dear Car Talk

Here's a question I call dueling grandmas My wife's mother has given us a ' Toyota Camry sedan with miles on it My mother has given us a ' Volvo sedan with miles on it We have to sell one...

used cars Toyota Camry Volvo

Oct 01, 2001

Camrys are frequently stolen. How to prevent theft?

Dear Car Talk

My wife drives a Toyota Camry Recently it was stolen from in front of our house and abandoned rather banged up The locks however were undamaged The cop said Camrys are so common that car thieves have master keys for...

anti-theft keys Toyota Camry

Feb 01, 2000

Do Camry's always shake, like the dealer who sold it to me says?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Toyota Camry When I bought the car it had about miles on it The day after I bought it I wanted my money back because the car SHAKES The dealer refused I called Toyota and they tell...

idling liability Toyota Camry

Mar 01, 1998

Camry's are notorious for carbon build-up on their valve stems as they age.

Dear Car Talk

We own a Toyota Camry four-cylinder with a stick shift and miles Whenever we attempt to pass another vehicle particularly on a hill or a curve we lose power and have to relinquish our position and glide sheepishly over to...

valves repairs carbon buildup Toyota Camry

Nov 01, 1996

Pre-'94 Camry owners should ask their dealers to install an "anti-vibration kit". They'll know what you mean.

Dear Car Talk

been built by Jerry Lee Lewis since it sure has a Whole Lot of Shakin' Goin' On when I sit in traffic or at a red light Using the air conditioner really aggravates the vibration My mechanic is a Patsy...

recalls steering Toyota Camry

Sep 01, 1996

Toyota is finally offering a solution to pre-'94 Camry owners with vibration in the steering column.

Dear Car Talk

A while ago you got a letter from a guy named Richard complaining about his Toyota Camry with a four-cylinder engine He said the whole steering column vibrated when he stopped at a light with the car in Drive You...

motor mounts recalls steering Toyota Camry