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Keep a Close Eye on Oil-Burning Cadillac's Oil Level
Aug 10, 2017

Keep a Close Eye on Oil-Burning Cadillac's Oil Level

Dear Car Talk

John's Cadillac is burning oil. Would a different viscosity help?

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Volvo S90
Aug 24, 2016

Montauk by Seaplane: The Volvo S90 in the Hamptons

Jim Motavalli

The new flagship Volvo S90 bristles with technology, as does the Cadillac CT6. Both are taking on the German competition.

reviews Cadillac Volvo S90

why does my car automatically slow down after turning a corner
Aug 16, 2016

Ray Offers a Couple of Final Suggestions before Eldorado Is Ditched

Dear Car Talk

Can Ray help Arlene's Eldorado come to its senses? It's been veering towards fences for so long.

steering safety brakes safety features Cadillac Eldorado 2002

Dec 01, 1995

Is this new Caddy supposed to be as loud as a Harley?

Dear Car Talk

I am retired age and I finally splurged on a new car that I have only dreamed about up until now I figure I only have so many years left and since you can't take it with you I bought...

exhaust system noises Cadillac Eldorado

Mar 01, 1994

I am now driving an older Jaguar XJ so you...

Dear Car Talk

I am now driving an older Jaguar XJ so you will understand why I am in the market for a more reliable set of wheels I need a large car and am torn between a Cadillac De Ville and a...

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Jul 01, 1990

How does an 8-6-4 engine work?

Dear Car Talk

A few years ago one of the Big Three offered on a limited basis a car with a V engine which had a switch on the dashboard that allowed the operator to turn off two or four of the cylinders...

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