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Is This Subaru Spinning its Wheels?
Mar 19, 2020

Is This Subaru Spinning its Wheels?

Dear Car Talk

A traction control light might illuminate a different problem

ABS warning lights CV joints Subaru Outback 2011

Mazda6 makes noises when turning or braking
Jun 18, 2015

Today: Skip the Game of Ball Joint Roulette

Dear Car Talk

Pam's hearing a banging, popping and creaking sound from her front driver's side wheel on her Mazda6. Does she need to replace the ball joints or just the bushing? Car Talk's answer right here.

CV joints

How to prove a mechanic has lied about work done
Feb 24, 2015

The Shop is at Fault, But Can Pam Prove It?

Dear Car Talk

Pam paid $400 to have her right rear axle bearing replaced. Turns out, the shop didn't do the work. Can Car Talk help her prove it? 

CV joints

Importance of CV boot and tie rod
Jul 30, 2013

Today: Don't Ignore the Tie Rod

Dear Car Talk

Bo's 1987 Honda Accord needs $750 worth of repair between a new C.V. boot and tie rod. But the car itself is barely worth that. What can he afford to ignore? Tom and Ray offer him a hands-on solution for the C.V. boot but insist that he fix the tie rod right away.

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How to fix a punctured CV boot
Mar 01, 2011

Today: Tom and Ray consider two very different ways to repair cars.

Dear Car Talk

OK. I have two sons of opposite disposition, but who are great friends anyway. We do as much work on cars as we can to save money and maintain some sense that we haven't been made entirely useless by today's...

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Subaru shakes on left turn
Apr 01, 2010

Piper's Subaru shakes like mad on left turns. Can Tom and Ray help?

Dear Car Talk

I have a manual-transmission 2000 Subaru Forester with 126,000 miles that I've had since it had 12 miles on it. I also have a 1-month-old baby. As a new mom, my car has me a little worried. During the past year, it has...

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May 01, 2001

Is it safe to keep driving with two busted CV boots?

Dear Car Talk

I drive a Mazda When having new tires put on the car last week the mechanic at the tire shop told me that both of my outer CV boots were split and the grease had leaked out I took it...

CV joints

Sep 01, 1999

New tires, alignment, brakes and muffler, but my car is still "thumping". What gives?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Buick Custom Century with only miles on it I'm getting a loud thump thump thump every time I make a right turn I took it to our local Buick dealer and he sent a mechanic out with...

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Aug 01, 1999

Could my driving style cause CV joints to fail?

Dear Car Talk

My Mazda Protege is currently in the shop having its CV joints replaced This expensive repair happens eventually to every car I own So the question is is it me Does my driving style have anything to do with how...

CV joints

Jan 01, 1998

Is it better to repair the CV boot right away, or wait until the whole joint goes?

Dear Car Talk

My father and I enjoy your column I have an ' Honda Accord which evidently has cracked CV joint boots one outer one inner boot At first I was told it would be OK to drive the car this way...

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