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what is magnasteer and do i need it
Dec 29, 2016

What Is Magnasteer, and Is It Necessary?

Dear Car Talk

David's 2002 Buick LeSabre needs a new rack and pinion. Does he have to stick with a Magnasteer replacement?

steering Buick LeSabre 2002

i can't figure out how to replace fix my parking lights
Dec 22, 2016

David Needs Help with a Common Car Problem

Dear Car Talk

David tried fixing the usual culplrits and he still can't get his Buick's parking lights to work. The solution is easy if he knows where to look.

DIY electrical wiring lights Buick Century 1994

should i ignore the thermostat in my buick
Dec 13, 2016

This LeSabre Owner Is Looking for LeSolution to Overheating

Dear Car Talk

Thomas has an overheating Buick that has stumped several mechanics. Could the culprit be something simple?

overheating thermostats Buick LeSabre 2005

Apr 22, 2016

The Buick Woody That Needed a Lift

Jim Motavalli

The classic wood-paneled wagon went in the garage for a few repairs--and stayed for 40 years. But it was "Dad's car."

Buick 1952

Dec 08, 2015

It's a Long Story: Buick's First U.S. Sales of a Chinese Car

Jim Motavalli

The last emperor of China drove a Buick, as did Sun Yat-sen and the man who partnered with Richard Nixon to open China to the West. In 1930, one in six cars in Shanghai was a Buick. Is it surprising that it's a big brand there now? Now GM is planning a Chinese-made Envision for the American market.

history manufacturing Buick

Buick Cascada
Jan 14, 2015

Buick Cascada

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

Looking for a four seat convertible? Our blogger Jamie Lincoln Kitman thinks the Buick Cascada might fit the bill. 

Detroit Auto Show convertibles Buick Cascada 2015

Buick Avenir in the Chinese auto market
Jan 13, 2015

Buick Avenir

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

"Avenir, we are told,  is French for portending the future, and as future portents go, we’ve seen worse." More on this Buick concept from the Detroit Auto Show, right here. 

Detroit Auto Show Buick 2015

Dec 01, 1997

No matter how poorly you've maintained your Buick, you still couldn't be possible for a timing chain failure at 34k miles.

Dear Car Talk

My wife has a Buick Skylark which seems to be overly plagued by problems Most recently at miles the timing chain broke The car was towed to a local Buick dealer They said the cause was poor maintenance and they...

timing chains dealers liability Buick

Jan 01, 1993

Accelerator pedal is howling, and we might know what's causing it!

Dear Car Talk

I have a Oldsmobile Regency Brougham When driving in a very heavy rain storm suddenly a loud roar howling sound is heard If I press down on the accelerator pedal the sound becomes louder but when I release pressure completely...

noises exhaust system Buick Oldsmobile

Dec 01, 1992

If I replace the engine in my Centurion convertible, might it become a classic?

Dear Car Talk

I own a Buick Centurion Convertible I was told that there were only a limited number of these models manufactured Do you know if this information is true I have just spent money restoring this car interior body paint My...

classic cars Buick Centurion 1973