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Is the era of the huge SUV over
Aug 23, 2013

BMW X1 and the Return of the Clown Car

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

Is America finally getting over its infatuation with the SUV, and returning to cars that actually carry lots of stuff?

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Oct 08, 2011

Forward Thinking: BMW Goes Electric and Ponders the World's Urban Future

Jim Motavalli

The BMW Guggenheim Lab is a traveling think tank designed to produce out-of-the-box thinking about living in tomorrow's megacities. And it also promotes a new wave of electrified BMWs.

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why would a battery replacement cost five hundred dollars
Sep 01, 2010

Could a simple battery change really cost over 400 bucks?

Dear Car Talk

The BMW dealer told me that it is going to cost 445 dollars to replace the battery on my 2006 330i BMW. I was told that it cost this much because they have to reprogram the car's computer to tell it that...

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is there a safe convertible car
Sep 01, 2003

Can you recommend a convertible that is safe and sexy (emphasis on safe)?

Dear Car Talk

I'm hoping you can offer my boyfriend some insight He currently has a beautiful BMW Z which he bought after his last girlfriend dumped him He loves it But we witnessed a horrible accident last week which got him thinking...

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May 01, 2000

Why would my BMW recommend AGAINST rotating my car's tires?

Dear Car Talk

I have a BMW i sports edition -- and only one speeding ticket so far Shortly before a long road trip my dealer rotated my tires at a regular service at about miles Although the car still rode very well...

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Jul 01, 1996

What do you think of the BMW 318ti?

Dear Car Talk

I'm thinking about buying a BMW ti I'm in my early s married with two dogs It seems to be just the type of car for people like me But since it's only been out for a year or so...

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